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Hanova's Sports Programmes

developing a lifelong attitude to physical activity as part of a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle

An overview of the sports programmes at Hanova

At Hanova, we understand the importance of sport and physical activity in enhancing social, emotional and physical well-being amongst

our learning community.

We, as a school, are committed to supporting all of our students to strive for excellence in academic, artistic sporting and social activities.

Developing a lifelong attitude to physical activity as part of a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle

Sport has the ability to aid our learners in the development of key life skills such as leadership, communication, critical thinking, decision making, self-management and the sense of belonging that being part of a team can create. Sporting pursuits whether as part of a team or as an individual can develop character traits such as being principled, open-minded and a sense of fair-play.

In both PYP and MYP Physical Health Education lessons students develop cognitive skills and physical literacy across a range of activities and different sporting disciplines. Students are also given opportunities to plan performances, work with and coach peers as well as analyse performances of themselves and others.

We have a growing extra-curricular sporting programme, with opportunities for further growth in the future. Hanova Hawks compete with other schools in Xi’an as part of the Xi’an International Schools Conference (XISC). Our teams have regular after-school practices in a variety of sports in different age groups and Hanova also has a PYP football academy that operates year-round.


Explore some our recent sports events

September 22, 2023

Hanova Sports News - written by Mr Julian Barnsley, Head of Athletics.  Last Saturday the Hawks travelled to KCIS for the first fixtures of this year's Fall season. U11 Boys Red football and U14 boys and girls basketball teams were up early ready to play. The U11 Boys Red squad started strongly and enjoyed a […]

June 10, 2023

A Celebration of a Year of PYP Sport - written by Mr Paul Robinson, Director of Sports.  On Wednesday 7th June Hanova held its first ever PYP Hanova Hawks Colour Awards, where we acknowledge and recognize those students who have represented the school in inter-school competition. We were delighted to say that a significant chunk […]

May 20, 2023

Written by Mr Paul Robinson, Director of Sports On Saturday 20th May we had the pleasure of hosting a team of parents to join our staff and U19 footballers for the first ever Hanova Community Cup competition. Despite the “competitive” edge the idea was to create an environment where fun and enjoyment were the main […]

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