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Hanova's Sports Programmes

developing a lifelong attitude to physical activity as part of a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle

An overview of the sports programmes at Hanova

At Hanova, we understand the importance of sport and physical activity in enhancing social, emotional and physical well-being amongst

our learning community.

We, as a school, are committed to supporting all of our students to strive for excellence in academic, artistic sporting and social activities.

Developing a lifelong attitude to physical activity as part of a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle

Sport has the ability to aid our learners in the development of key life skills such as leadership, communication, critical thinking, decision making, self-management and the sense of belonging that being part of a team can create. Sporting pursuits whether as part of a team or as an individual can develop character traits such as being principled, open-minded and a sense of fair-play.

In both PYP and MYP Physical Health Education lessons students develop cognitive skills and physical literacy across a range of activities and different sporting disciplines. Students are also given opportunities to plan performances, work with and coach peers as well as analyse performances of themselves and others.

We have a growing extra-curricular sporting programme, with opportunities for further growth in the future. Hanova Hawks compete with other schools in Xi’an as part of the Xi’an International Schools Conference (XISC). Our teams have regular after-school practices in a variety of sports in different age groups and Hanova also has a PYP football academy that operates year-round.


Explore some our recent sports events

April 26, 2024

XIAC Track and Field 2024 - written by Mr Julian Barnsley, Head of Athletics.  On Saturday, April 13th, the Hawks took a team of 27 to this year's XIAC Meet to enjoy an exciting morning of running throwing and jumping. Everyone did all they could and there were lots of PBs and top three finishes. […]

January 12, 2024

Hawks Swim Team Announcement - written by Ms Tomoe Fujise, Physical & Health Education.  After two swim try-outs, we are pleased to share our Hawks Swim Team. Here are our swimmers, well done all and good luck with your journey. We have started training  and are preparing for the ACAMIS 9-12 Swim Meet at XLIS […]

November 17, 2023

XIAC U19 Volleyball Tournament - written by Mr Julian Barnsley, Head of Athletics.  Play started on Saturday afternoon and continued late in to the evening. We took a mixed squad to play in the Boys division. For many of the players this was their first experience of tournament volleyball. It was great to see all […]

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