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Hanova's history


An overview of Hanova's school history

Xi'an Hanova International School was founded in 2012. Hanova is a community-driven, not-for-profit school, actively supported by the regional government authorities and providing high quality education for the international community in Central and Western China.

Even before its founding, Hanova's Board and administration were intent on pursuing IB authorisations for all of its programmes. With the much-appreciated hard work of our teachers, leadership and staff over the years, Hanova is now an IB Continuum School, fully authorized to offer the internationally renowned IB Primary Years Programme since 2017 (Early Years – Y6), IB Middle Years Programme since 2016 (Years 7-11) and IB Diploma Programme since 2014 (Y12 – Y13) – with 20 different Diploma subjects available to students.


Hanova's Founding Events & First Years of School

April 5, 2012

On 5th April, 2012, Hanova's Board invited the very first members of the Hanova community to tour the buildings that would become Xi'an Hanova International School first campus. The day began with a wonderful lunch and a reminder of the school mission and vision! The group proceeded by bus to the Bodi School Campus to […]

August 15, 2012

After much planning, working and renovating, Hanova's Board has prepared Hanova's building and facilities to open its doors! The renovation project took place on the campus of Bodi school in Xi'an, China. Below, see photos of the campus "before" and "after" the renovation project: Photos of the campus before the building and renovating project The […]

September 5, 2012

First week ever! What a fantastic first week it has been in the very new history of Hanova International.  It has been such an exciting time with the students settling in so quickly into routines that we are still trying to establish.  I found it hard to believe on that first Monday that the students […]

Learn more about Hanova's history, branding and mission

The history of Hanova's tree logo and school slogan "Inspiring Lifelong Learning"

Hanova's founding principal, Mr. Martin Hughes, explained the origin of our school's tree logo in October 2012: "Hanova’s logo is a representation of a tree. A tree was chosen as our symbol as it represents a living growing body made up of many different parts all working to a common goal – that of learning together to live and work in an international world. The different parts of the tree represent the different roles students, staff and parents have in school and the nationalities represented here. Just as a tree continues to grow and develop so we all do too – lifelong learning for all our community."

Hanova's 2012 founding at Bodi Campus

The Hanova community is currently enjoying its new Chanba campus in the northeast corner of Xi'an. But before the new campus, our school spent its initial 9 school years on the Bodi School campus just inside Xi'an's west third ring road. Back in the summer of 2012, Hanova's Board leased a portion of the Bodi campus and initiated a very fast and thorough renovation of the facilities and sports fields in order to begin its first school year in August 2012.

Hanova's 2018 "Ground-breaking Ceremony" for the new Chanba Campus

On Thursday, 30th August 2018, Hanova’s Board, Leadership team, staff and guests from the community participated in the Ground-breaking Ceremony for Hanova’s new campus! This was truly an exciting day in Hanova's history - the beginning of the Chanba new campus project. The project began at the end of 2018 and Phase 1 was finished in the summer of 2021. The school moved to the new campus for the Fall semester of 2021.

Hanova's 2021 move to the new Chanba Campus

In August 2021, our staff, teachers and Board were hard at work making the final preparations to open the school in the new Chanba campus for the 2021-22 school year. The campus began to open in phases - the first of which was completed by August 2021. Additional phases were completed in late 2021 and early 2022. Current work is being completed on a new Administrative building and Staff apartments.

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