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1st Annual Spring Carnival 2013

We would like to sincerely thank everyone in the Community for helping us to make Saturday, May 11th an historic day for Hanova School. The 1st Annual Spring Carnival would not have been a great success without all of you! 

This celebration of fun, food, and entertainment started with games and activities planned and organised by the Student Council. Games included Ring & Ball Toss, Bowling, Penalty Shoot and the “Mess Up Mr G” activity that gave students the chance to throw wet sponges or cream pies at Mr Gallerno. Everyone who played games had fun and won prizes. There were also enjoyable activities including Face Painting, Necklace & Bracelet Craft, Lemonade Stand, Lucky Draw, Art Exhibition and Community Mosaic Project (see below for more details).

Following the fun and games, everyone eagerly joined in the more serious business of eating. The goal of feeding a hungry crowd was accomplished when an international lunch buffet was served, with a large selection of dishes donated by our generous parents. A big “Thank you!” to parents who helped by donating and serving food.

After lunch was the Talent Show, where our students had the opportunity to show off their creative skills. Acts included musical instrument recitals with harmonica, ocarina, piano, and traditional Chinese flute, as well as jokes, singing, dances, and much more. The audience that filled the auditorium and outside stage area was entertained by a variety of activities from a large range of countries.  This brought together the Community with a truly international flavour, celebrating the talents and various cultures in our school. The fantastic performance programme ended with revealing the  final tally of funds raised for The Yellow River Soup Kitchen to assist less fortunate people in and around Xi’an – ¥9,532. Mr Tony Day, the founder of the Soup Kitchen, stated that he was very impressed by the amount of this donation by our still-growing school and asked that we pass along his appreciation to everyone in our Hanova Community.

We hope that everyone who came to the first-ever Hanova Spring Carnival last Saturday afternoon went home  with good memories, prizes, and full stomachs - as well as the joy of international friendship and the warm feeling that is earned by those who are charitable and willing to help others. Again, we’d like to express our appreciation to all of you for helping us make this a very special day.

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