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Hanova Parent Teacher Association


An overview of our HPTA programme

Hanova Parent Teacher Association (HPTA) is an integral and supportive part of our community. Hanova values the support from parents and families, and for this reason we want to always expand this relationship. We welcome as many parents as possible to become active in our organisation. Any parent can become Class Representative, or contribute more to the broader life of the school by getting involved in events, activities, communications, productions and charity projects that will take place in Primary School or Secondary School or at the whole school level.

All parents are automatically members of our HPTA. The HPTA Constitution and application form are available on demand from Ms. Jane Lei ( Please join us and help us grow our school and our activities!

See some examples of Hanova’s HPTA in Action

The HPTA is governed by a Committee, composed in majority of parents and in charge of the overall supervision and management of the association. Sub-committees are then created to carry out the different activities. Each year, members of the HPTA Committee are elected to represent our entire parent community.

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