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Hanova hosts Secondary Arts Assemblies

Written by Jennifer Lazareck

Hanova’s Secondary Arts Assembly on Friday, 21st May was an afternoon filled with music, twins, sidekicks, silly dance choreography, and dramatic presentations as the students showcased their talents, skills and hard work over the past few months. All work has been created in either their Music or Performing Arts – Drama class.

The Arts Assembly highlighted the hard work and dedication of the Year 8A Music class, as they played “How Far I’ll Go” from the Disney hit film Moana and a modern song “Something Like This” by the band The Chainsmokers. Followed by the Year 9 Drama class and their “Shakespearean Monologues.” The ten performers were: Amelia Seyeon Kim, Daniel Byeongjun Lee, Cleo Yewon Kim, Jay Taegeon Park, Eva Yiyi Wang, Raphael Trull, Grace Suhyun Park, Tony Tianyue Wang, Judy Seoyun Choi, Teng Xuan Tan. The grand finale was the Year 7s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play “The Comedy of Errors” a play about mistaken identities, family reunions, forgiveness, and friendship.

A GIANT Thank you to our backstage CREW Team! These volunteers do a lot of work that nobody usually sees. However, they are always needed to help keep the “show going” in a smooth and orderly fashion. Gratitude goes out to:

- Speech MC’s: Xun Khang + Katherine from Year 12.
- “Front of House” (usher/programs, stage setup/takedown, crowd/audience control)
- YULIA, NOAH, + FAITH - Front of house English (Crew Captain – Asst. Miss L.)
- MINA - Front of house Korean
- STEVEN - Front of house Chinese
- JACK - Front of house Korean/TECH for Year 9 (PPT)

Also, a big thank you to our “Backstage Managers” for each dressing room, who were responsible for controlling the group, keeping them quiet, ensuring that they do their warmups, getting them on and off stage quickly and quietly – like ghosts. CLOCKWISE! Also returning instruments properly and props into their class box after the performance is done. They made sure the classrooms were spotless, as well, once all had left.

- Y8A Music: LUCAS + JULIA
- Y9 Drama: ALICIA + ROBIN
- Y7 Drama: SEAN + LILY

If your Childs’ class or performance piece is not mentioned above, do not worry. We will also have our Success Assembly, Orchestra, Band, and ECA “One Act Play” Drama Club “Fairy Tale Courtroom” coming in June. More details will be coming for those events…

Once more, thank you to the cast, crew, and audience members alike, as we strive to give Hanova the gift of entertainment as we become a community of artists.

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