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October Diploma Programme News

We welcome our Year 12 students to the IB Diploma Programme - by Sharon Zhu. We have had a pleasant first month in our spacious, splendid new campus. The new Year 12 students have started their Diploma Programme journey with plentiful tasks and challenges. The intensive Diploma courses, the core components-Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and Creativity, Activity and Service(CAS) have filled in Year 12 students’ life, and they are learning to manage their time to be an independent, balanced learner.

The two years is a long time yet a short one, wish them all the best to this exciting, beneficial adventure!

DP 2 (Year 13) Ecology field trip - by Aristipo Rodriguez. In September, Biology Y13 students went on an Ecology field trip. During the last two years, they have been learning concepts and developing practical skills that help them to solve real-life problems. The ecology field trip was an excellent opportunity for Xi’an Hanova International School students to discover China’s great biodiversity and to get to know amazing natural landscapes.

On the trip, our students were testing water samples from Xi’an wetlands with a water test kit. This is a standard method used by scientists to assess the water quality. Using this and other parameters, our young scientists were able to analyse the environmental quality. The students also were able to apply field techniques to calculate the diversity of the habitat. They were using “Quadrat” sampling to analyse the flora and find out if there is an association between different species in the habitat. Great job, young scientists!

Diploma student Pelin Kayacik’s Extended Essay experiment - by Sharon Zhu. Before the national holiday, the Secondary staff meeting had a special “guest speaker” – Pelin Kayacik from Year 13. She introduced an experiment for Extended Essay to all Secondary teachers and invited all teachers to be volunteers. Below is a quote from Pelin about her experiment:

“On Tuesday, I attended the Secondary school staff meeting to give insight into my Extended Essay experiment for the IB Diploma Programme and collect volunteers who would be willing to take part. This experiment is to be conducted on all of Primary and Secondary school staff. Unfortunately, the research question cannot be revealed here as it may influence the results, but to give a quick insight, it focuses on the molecular complexity of perfumes and its psychological effects. I decided to base my Extended Essay off of this topic as this will build a foundation to my future major of psychology. Luckily, all teachers have volunteered to help and I am delighted to work collaboratively with Hanova staff for a crucial assessment of my IB Diploma Programme course.”

DP Geography Field Trip - by Gary Wood. On Tuesday, 12 October, Y13 DP Geography students and Mr. Wood took part in a field trip to gather data and see whether urban stresses, such as noise pollution and traffic, increased the further they moved away from the Chanba Ecological District. The students stopped at six metro stations on the Line 3 Metro, from Tao Hua Tan to Tong Hua Men, and gathered data at each station. The students will spend the next month analysing this data and writing up their investigation in order to test their hypotheses. Good luck guys!

The Diploma Programme Report - by Sharon Zhu. On Friday, October 22nd, the first report of this academic year for Year 12 and Year 13 will be issued. This is an Interim Report, which records subject grades, estimated ‘indicator’ TOK and Extended Essay grades, CAS progress and attendance. There will be a written student summary comment from the IB Diploma Coordinator.

The Interim Report presents teachers, students and parents with an overview of the students’ academic position at that point of time, while a full report will be issued at a later time this year. Below you will find the DP report schedule:

DATE Y12 Y13
Friday, 22th October IB DP Report 1/1 (interim) IB DP Report 2/4 (interim)
Friday, 21st January DP Reports IB 2/5 (Full)
Friday, 11th March DP Reports IB 1/2 (Interim)
Friday, 25th March DP Reports IB 2/6 (Full)
Friday, 17th June DP Report IB 1/3 (Full)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Diploma Programme Coordinator, Ms. Sharon (

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