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XIAC Track and Field 2024

Dear Parents and friends

XIAC Track and Field 2024 - written by Mr Julian Barnsley, Head of Athletics.  On Saturday, April 13th, the Hawks took a team of 27 to this year's XIAC Meet to enjoy an exciting morning of running throwing and jumping. Everyone did all they could and there were lots of PBs and top three finishes. Congratulations to all of our student-athletes they should be very proud of their efforts. An extra well done to the U19 squad who managed First Place in the section!

University Visits Enrich Hanova’s April - written by Ms Sharon Zhu, DP Coordinator.  This April has been an exciting month at Hanova with several significant university visits that have broadened our students' perspectives on their future academic journeys.

Highlighting the month, last Thursday, 18th April, we were honored to host the admissions officer from New York University (NYU) for the first time in Xi’an and we had the honor to host NYU here at Hanova. This visit offered our students an unparalleled opportunity to learn about NYU's rich array of programs and campus life, directly from the admission officer. It was a pivotal step in establishing connection between NYU and our school, providing our students with in-depth knowledge and fostering a new educational partnership.

Earlier in the month, we also welcomed admissions representatives from Temple University and Wesleyan College, both renowned institutions in the United States. These sessions enabled our senior students to engage directly with college admissions officers, gaining insights into the application processes, scholarship opportunities, and the distinctive educational environments of each institution.

These visits are crucial in helping our students explore a variety of postsecondary options and establish direct connections with potential universities. Each meeting opens new doors and is integral in guiding our students as they make informed decisions about their futures. We are committed to continuing these valuable interactions that pave the way for our students' success in higher education.

Hanova International School Celebrates Earth Day with Green Initiatives - written by Mr Andrew Symonds, PYP Upper Years Coordinator.  In the spirit of Earth Day, Hanova International School’s entire PYP student body and Year 7 came together in a remarkable display of environmental stewardship. The young eco-warriors took to the school’s burgeoning forest, an ambitious project started just last year, to plant an impressive 400 saplings, adding to the green legacy of the school.

The day was filled with activities that not only beautified the campus but also contributed to local biodiversity. Students crafted bird feeders with care and creativity, which were then hung throughout the forest, turning the area into a sanctuary for our feathered friends.

Adding a splash of color and expression, a graffiti wall was created using chalk, capturing the essence of Earth Day through vibrant art and messages of sustainability. This living canvas became a testament to the school’s commitment to the environment.

Moreover, the children planted wildflower patches, which will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the school grounds but also provide vital habitats for pollinators, playing a crucial role in the health of our local ecosystem.

To top it all off, the PYP upper years enjoyed a delightful picnic lunch outside, surrounded by nature’s beauty, reinforcing the importance of connecting with the environment.

Through these hands-on activities, Hanova International School’s students learned the importance of taking action for the planet, understanding that even the smallest hands can make a big difference. This Earth Day, the school didn’t just talk about making a change; they dug deep and planted the seeds for a greener tomorrow.

International Day 2024 - written by Ms. Alexandra Alvarez Beltrán – MYP/DP Spanish Teacher, International Day Committee Chair.  Our school was alive with excitement on April 20th as we commemorated our cherished International Day. This year, we held extra significance as the festivities unfolded on a Saturday, inviting not just students but also their families to join in the celebration. It was a delightful sensory experience, with people of all ages gathering to honour the diverse cultures that enrich our school community.

From the lively parade that brimmed with cultural pride to the engaging traditional games, crafts, and musical performances, there were many activities for everyone to enjoy. The air was filled with laughter, conversations, and the tantalising aroma of global cuisine, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and camaraderie.

The success of this unforgettable day was a testament to the collective efforts of many. Some MYP and DP students supported the organisers and became booth supporters, contributing to their SA and CAS programs. Teachers led with enthusiasm, sharing their cultural heritage at the booths. The school canteen and parents, led by the HPTA, generously prepared a mouth-watering International buffet lunch. International Day 2024 not only celebrated diversity but also underscored the power of teamwork in fostering an inclusive environment where every culture is respected and celebrated. As we reflect on this joyous event, we extend our sincere thanks to all who played a part in its success, reaffirming that together, as a community, we can accomplish extraordinary things.

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Hanova students achieve outstanding results at music competition! - written by Ms Krystal Jiang, MYP Music Teacher.  After the spring break, our students participated in the Silk Road Music Competition and achieved outstanding results. We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to them-Yr12 Tony, Samantha, Yr11Mani and Yr8b Mckeyla. At the same time, we encourage students with musical talents to actively participate in various musical activities and competitions to broaden their horizons and gain more experience. Additionally, we are actively preparing for and promoting cooperation between different schools, eagerly anticipating future opportunities for collaboration.

Xi’an air quality debating experience - written by Gabriel, Year 7 Student.  On Tuesday, April 9, 2024, periods 3-4 from 11:00-12:40, Y7 came together to debate on Xi’an’s “exceptional” air quality. We each held different stakeholder (noun, a person with an interest or concern in something, especially a business) views. Some decided to take perspectives from the government, and others decided to represent healthcare providers (the “others” was actually me with Finn, Flora, and Jacob). Besides that, there were also students that represented manufacturing companies (in general), mask and air purifier suppliers and the general public. We debated about how we could solve the problem of the bad air quality in Xi’an and why was there so much pollutants in the first place. Some proposed to raise awareness to the public to inform them about the air quality while others wanted the government to impose stricter product standards on manufacturing companies to ensure they do not emit as much toxic gases.

From my observations, the representatives of companies (e.g coal producers and mask/air purifier suppliers) had a little bit of clashes with the general public and even renewable energy providers. As much as they wanted to reduce the amount of emissions of toxic gases into Xi’an, they still wanted and needed to make a profit- it would be unprofitable to switch all of the factories to renewable energy. In the case for mask and air purifier suppliers, they depended on the air being polluted to make a profit. However, the general public, to put it in layman terms, simply really really really really really really craved clean air and obviously were not too happy of the toxic gases in Xi’an’s air.

In conclusion, this was a… very hard topic to solve. There was no single way to solve it, and the ways that we proposed had its ups and downs.

About the School Principal

Mr Lucas J. Roberts

School Principal

Mr Lucas J. Roberts is the current School Principal at Hanova. Mr. Luke, as he prefers to be called, has served in international school education in China for the past 14 years in Wuxi, Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing. He has served during those years as Secondary Principal, whole school Vice Principal, School Principal (K-7th grade), High School Principal and Primary School Principal. He graduated university with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies and continued on to earn an M.Ed. in Educational Administration. He joined Hanova in the summer of 2023 and is currently working on completing his Ed.D in Educational Leadership through Wilkes University (USA).

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