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Exploring Nature: Year 4 Students’ Excursion to Xi’an Botanical Gardens

Dear Parents and friends

Exploring Nature: Year 4 Students' Excursion to Xi’an Botanical Gardens - written by Ms Lindsey Burrows, Year 4 Teacher.  Last week, Year 4 students had the chance to apply everything they’ve learned during their most recent UOI: Ecosystems! They embarked on a field trip to the Xi’an Botanical Gardens, where they engaged in a day filled with exploration, learning, and friendship.

Students first participated in a scavenger hunt, where they eagerly hunted for different types of organisms hidden amidst the garden. This interactive activity not only ignited their sense of curiosity but also honed their observation skills as they scoured their surroundings.

Students also had the opportunity to engage in a hands-on activity of making leaf rubbings. They captured the intricate patterns and textures of various leaves, not only appreciating their beauty but also recognizing adaptions those plants made to be better suited their environment.

Later, they embarked on guided explorations, delving into the diverse ecosystems within the botanical gardens. From lush forests to serene ponds, they observed firsthand the interdependence of plants, animals, and the environment.

Amidst their adventures, Year 4 enjoyed a picnic lunch amidst the nature surrounding them. The shared meal not only nourished their bodies but also fostered bonds of friendship and camaraderie as they exchanged stories and laughter.

As the excursion drew to a close, the students returned with hearts full of memories and minds enriched with newfound knowledge. Their day at the Xi’an Botanical Gardens was not just a field trip; it was a journey of discovery, fostering a deeper appreciation for nature and building lasting relationships with each other.

Exploring the Magical World of Puppetry: A Triumph for MYP 5 Students - written by Mr Ferdinand Els, MYP Drama.  As the spring break approached, our MYP 5 students completed their enchanting journey into the realm of puppetry. Through their "Puppetry in Theatre" unit, nestled within the global context of "Identities and Relationships," they had delved deep into the history and myriad styles of this captivating art form.

With creativity and dedication, our students researched different puppetry styles, ultimately choosing Hand and Rod puppetry. They enthusiastically crafted their own puppets from scratch, embracing the design process and sourcing materials with ingenuity. But their journey didn't stop there. Alongside their puppet creations, our students also undertook the task of constructing a puppetry theatre, transforming an industrial sized cardboard box into a stage fit for their magical creations.

The crowning moment of their endeavours came with a puppetry show, where our MYP 5 students dazzled and delighted the Year 1 PYP students with their enchanting performances. The show was met with resounding applause and smiles, a testament to the hard work and dedication poured into every puppet and every scene.

This heart-warming collaboration across age levels underscores the interconnectedness of learning at Hanova. It's a beautiful example of how our students not only absorb knowledge but also actively engage in sharing and enriching each other's educational experiences.

Congratulations to our MYP 5 students on their triumphant exploration of puppetry!

The Bayeux Tapestry - written by Ms Sandra Gerrits, MYP & DP Humanities, Economics. At the end of the Unit on the Middle Ages, the students of Year 8 did a short study of the Bayeux Tapestry, a famous medieval depiction of the Norman conquest of England in 1066 . To make the study of this famous tapestry more interesting, students were issued a challenge. In groups, they were to design a project about the tapestry for next year’s Year 8.

Each group approached this with a healthy dose of creativity. Isabella, Edward, Lucy and Helena created a book with different tasks to do. Emily, Toprak and Minjun decided to let next year’s students create an artwork based on the tapestry and a PowerPoint to explain the history of the tapestry.  Emma, Amy and Austin came up with a project where students will have to create a section of the tapestry into a play with customs, characters and all that comes with a play. The last team with Junyi, Ellin and Andrew decided on an investigative project based on a character of the tapestry and create an ancient looking, scroll-like timeline for that character.

All projects sound fantastic and it will be a difficult decision for next year.

Year 7 debate – Xi’an Air Quality debate experience - written by Grace, Year 7 Student.  On April 9, we have a debate in our humanities class, about Xi’an’s air Quality, and we have many groups of organization, for example we have Masks provider, the government, coal plant, and more and more organizations, and this is the first time that we do things like this especially a debate like an MUN, but we are still in Y7, so we are not writing things like the MUn, such as resolutions… but we are actually talking about the problems that we face in the world, or country… I think it is a great experience for us, and I think it is also good for us to adapt to MUN.

So I feel this is a great experience!

MYP Chinese Acquisition - written by Ms Alina Zheng & Ms Rae Zhang, Chinese Teachers. This month, students from MYP Chinese acquisition classes explored and reflected on the extracurricular activities they participated in this semester through active learning, with teacher guidance and combining with the accumulated Chinese knowledge. Let's follow the beautiful "My ECA" posters made by them learn more about their extracurricular activities this semester.

Students in Chinese acquisition class are pleased to welcome all teachers and students to visit their learning outcomes. The exhibition board is located in the hall on the third floor of the secondary building now.

Y9 Gaowin: Participation in extracurricular activities is highly beneficial for students, offering opportunities to develop essential skills, enhance academic performance, and improve their confidence. Additionally, extracurricular activities are an integral part of the educational environment in IB schools, fostering personal growth and preparing students for future success. Extracurricular activities at Xi 'an Hanova International School usually take place every Wednesday afternoon and include various sports, musical instrument playing and subject knowledge competition preparation.

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