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2023-24 Hawks Sports acknowledgements and recognition

Dear Parents and friends

Hawks Sport Acknowledgements and Recognition - written by Mr Julian Barnsley, Head of Athletics.  Season 3 came to an exciting close with the U19/U19 soccer tournaments and the U11/U8 basketball tournaments.

U14 Boys and girls soccer both received Sportsmanship Award. U19 boys soccer came 3rd overall.

It has been a busy but enjoyable year. By the numbers:

  • 3 seasons
  • 4 age-groups
  • 7 sports
  • 9 coaches
  • 28 teams
  • 150+ student athletes

THANK YOU everyone that made this possible; the coaches, the admin and support staff, the facility staff, the student-athletes, the student-coaches and all of the parents who worked tirelessly to make this year another great year for the Hawks.

Our Most Improved Player (MIP) and Most Valuable Player (MVP) from each sport from Season 3.

SPORT Most Improved Player


Most Valuable Player


U8 Basketbal Kevin Ahn Tilo Angulo-White Chiu
U11 Girls Basketball Nicole Yang Zoe Kim
U11 Boys Basketball Chris Kim Jacob Chen
U11 Track and Field Jacob Chen Jasper Zhang
U14 Track and Field Sophia Chen Jaqueline Zhang
U19 Track and Field Peixin Lin Minyu Kim
U14 Girls Soccer Imogen Miller Luna Joo
U14 Boys Soccer Austin Oh Faris Saifull
U19 Boys Soccer Neil Danaher Noah Smith


In Sport,

Mr Julian


Year 7 Humanities students learn how to create their own summative - written by Ms Sandra Gerrits, MYP & DP Humanities, Economics.  The last unit that the Year 7 students have been working on is all about what factors contribute to the fairness and development of societies. Students have learned about absolute and relative poverty, the poverty trap and Fair Trade, but also about needs, wants and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

In order to both be in line with the Unit topic but also to encourage student agency, inquiry skills and knowledge of the assessment criteria and their role, in teams the Y7s used their week-long formative assessment to create a summative assessment in line with this unit. After several lessons, students peer-reviewed each others’ results and provided questions and feedback for improvement. Students then updated their tasks and improved it as much as they could. The end result is a set of 6 assessment tasks on a choice board from which each student can choose the task that best suits them for this summative assessment.

The groups came up with some great ideas and tasks to show off their learning. Of course, they had already done so by creating these summatives but the tasks are varied and challenging with a variety of angles to pursue ranging from an investigation into absolute and relative poverty to creating a video to raise awareness about poverty. Others decided on  an investigation about the problems that are caused by poverty and a research project into Fair Trade. Some decided on an in-depth investigation of poverty and its causes. Several teams added additional criteria to their project to ensure a high-quality product.

Overall, Mr McGovern and Ms Sandra could never have come up with such a broad collection of interesting tasks and we cannot wait to see how students do in these tasks that they have designed themselves.

About the School Principal

Mr Lucas J. Roberts

School Principal

Mr Lucas J. Roberts is the current School Principal at Hanova. Mr. Luke, as he prefers to be called, has served in international school education in China for the past 14 years in Wuxi, Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing. He has served during those years as Secondary Principal, whole school Vice Principal, School Principal (K-7th grade), High School Principal and Primary School Principal. He graduated university with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies and continued on to earn an M.Ed. in Educational Administration. He joined Hanova in the summer of 2023 and is currently working on completing his Ed.D in Educational Leadership through Wilkes University (USA).

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