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Welcome back to a new school year at Hanova

By Mr Robert Muntzer

Dear Parents and friends

Welcome and Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a restful and happy summer holiday. This August we welcome a significant number of new students and parents to the Hanova family; we hope you have had a smooth induction into the school.

New Staff and Appointments. We also welcome a number of new teachers to the school this year. You may have met them already at the Open Day on August 9th, but in case you didn’t, I’d like to introduce them now.

In Primary:

- PYP Nursey –Kimberley Reiman
- PYP Year 1b – Cheri Dowdy
- PYP Year 3b – Andrea Cardenas
- PYP Year 4b –Beverley Caddington
- PYP Year 6 –Michael Windfohr-Bryne
- PYP Music –Amelia Hall

In Secondary:

- Luis Rauth –Head of Faculty –Group 5 Mathematics, DP/MYP Maths
- Muhittin Gurbuz –DP Physics, MYP Sciences
- Gerardo Najera –DP/MYP Maths

I would also like to announce some new appointments to our management teams:

Mr. Aristipo Rodriguez has been appointed as Head of Secondary School, Ms. Jelena Dokic takes over as our Pastoral Coordinator (Secondary) and Ms. Amy Hou has been appointed as Head of Curriculum and Planning.

We wish them all the best in the coming year.

Last May, we celebrated our third IB Diploma Graduation Ceremony! Pictured above are graduates of 2019, from left to right; Jenny Kim, Rose Jiang, Tina Mou, Leo Hu, Kai Trull and Josselin Muntzer.

We are proud to announce that our graduates again achieved a 100% Diploma pass rate from their May 2019 examinations.

Our graduation ceremony was attended by parents, staff, members of the school board, and all of the Secondary School student body. Valedictions were given by the school principal, the IB Diploma Coordinator, our graduating Head Boy and Head Girl, and the ceremony ended with kind and thoughtful comments by our current Head Boy, Micah Rice, and Head Girl, Lisa Kwon.

After receiving their Hanova Diploma certificates, the graduates reflected upon their IB Diploma journey at Hanova. Following are extracts from their farewell thoughts.

“I have spent all my secondary life in Hanova. My parents and I always hesitated whether I should take the diploma programme or not. Making a final decision to take the diploma course in Hanova has had a significant impact on my life. It was challenging, but worth doing. I changed and developed a lot as a learner and as a human being through all the processes and times I went through. DP is indeed a difficult course and it is painful. However, there is no easy way in achieving your goals. By the time you have to apply for universities, you will realize the importance of IB and how beneficial it is. It’s just two years of pain that you need to get through, and it will make your life much more valuable after 20 years. I had so many memories with my classmates that I will never forget. I really wish my five high school friends a great luck and success from the bottom of my heart!”

“The time I have spent in Hanova has arguably been the most enjoyable years of my life so far, even though I’m constantly complaining about it. The small community atmosphere which surrounds our school although annoying is one of the only reasons I made it through the IB curriculum and I would like to thank everyone who contributes to it.”

“If you (a Hanova student, staff or teacher) are reading this text, then thank you! This text has encountered its small possibility to be read. Therefore, the only thought I’d like to express is my appreciation to you as part of the Hanova community, that accompanied me through the 7 years – of laughter, tears (mainly due to IA and EE), happiness and pain. Without you, my teenage life would not be complete; without you, I’d not even try to think of develop the character of compassion and caring that will be carried on for life."

"For teachers and staff, your words in class, during the assembly and hurrying me up to hand work in, did not only teach knowledge, but also taught me how to become a good person.

For my classmates and students, your jokes during lunch time, discussion during class and random laughter, gave me the warmth and taught me how wonderful this world is being with so many others.

Bye! To my past and all of you. Hope we all can eventually meet again somewhere where we can all recall our past together!”

“We have completed the two years’ study in IB Diploma programme. These two years seem to be both painful but meaningful and for all the graduates. And the most important thing is we have made a lot of unforgettable memories during these two years. I have met lots of problems and troubles in my study, but fortunately, I have got the teachers and classmates who always encourage me and help me when I was struggling with all kinds of problems. I would like to thank all the people I have met in Hanova, and wish them all the best.”

“Five years have passed since I first arrived at Hanova. During these five years I changed a lot, from keeping people a thousand miles away to close to each other. I have gained a lot of unforgettable memories and friendships. Unlike a Chinese local school, Hanova is totally different, not only the way of learning, but also for all individuals. During the two years of IB Diploma programme, I’ve conquered so many difficulties that I met during study and achieved all deadlines. I once meant to give up and tried to find a shortcut at the end of year 12, but at last I have overcome these two years’ twists and turns. And I know that without the support from the teachers and my classmates, I would not be able to achieve what I’ve accomplished so far. And now I’m so glad and proud to be a graduate of Hanova and I would like to say thank you to all my teachers and schoolmates I met during this long journey. I will remember and miss all of you forever!”

“I think in the shadowing loom of the exams, one forgets the field of freedom that waits just out of sight. This field to me appeared to be separated with barbed fences, mine fields, sniper towers and even pits of fire and trolls under bridges. However, as you approach it, the fences have doors, the minefields paths, and the snipers are asleep. I became friends with some of the trolls, had some great BBQ on the pits of fire, and honestly I would probably do it all again. Not the exams though, unless they are the same ones, in which case, maybe. Seriously though, I’ve had some fun times with old friends, had some interesting internal and external dialogues about sometimes meaningless things, which is totally one of the best usages of freedom of speech.”

After the school ceremony, there was a formal dinner at the Gran Melia Hotel. It was a memorable occasion for many reasons. Pictured below are our IB Diploma cohorts of 2019 and 2020 – joined by some of 2018 who had travelled across the globe to be there with their friends!

WASC Accreditation! Xi’an Hanova International School has received the accredited status from the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) this Julyand Hanova (Xi’an Hanova International School) is the first school in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province receiving the accreditation from WASC. WASC accredited school means our school has a clear mission and vision, abundant resources to support students and outstanding quality of education. It also proves to our students and parents that Hanova always adheres to the philosophy that students are the first priority, a focus on learning and continuously improving ourselves, and pursuing the firm belief of excellence.

The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) announced the action taken at the Summer 2019 Commission Meeting. The ACS WASC Commissioners have determined Xi’an Hanova International School (PK-13) meets the ACS WASC criteria for accreditation. This accreditation status is based on all of the information provided by the school, including the self-study report, and the satisfactory completion of the on-site accreditation visit. The Commission granted Accreditation Status starting from July 2019. Now, we are officially a WASC accredited school!

Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 533 Airport Blvd., Suite 200,

Burlingame, CA 94010


Spring Carnival 2019. On Saturday, 1st June, Hanova celebrated its seventh Summer Carnival. The event was well-attended as usual and, thanks to the efforts of our staff, students and parents, we managed to raise around 9000 RMB for charity.

Thank you to the PYP staff for organizing and running the fun activities in the morning and to the MYP students who organized the games that clearly were very popular. Our thanks also goes out to the parents and external vendors who provided a wide range of food for our hungry guests.

Thanks to the organization skills of Mr. Scott, the day ended with a great Talent Show where PYP and MYP students presented various songs, dances and other fun performances.

Special thanks to the organizing committee who put the whole event together over the last six weeks or so; Ms. Petra, Ms. Jessica Wang, Ms. Carrie, Ms. Lana and, of course, Mr. Richard ‘Carnival’ Gallerno!

News from Primary School

“Meet the Teacher” Event. Parents – new and old – are invited to a PYP “Meet the Teacher” event on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 beginning at 2:20 in your child’s classroom.

This will be a time for parents to get more detailed information regarding their child’s teacher, the class timetable, class procedures and class-specific academic programs.

If you have more than one child in the PYP, perhaps you can attend part of the session in each classroom as needed.

At 3:10, after your time with your child’s homeroom teacher, you will get a chance to “Meet the Management” of the PYP as well as our Principal, Mr. Robert Muntzer, in the staff room outside the school foyer.

We hope that you can attend these sessions as we feel that it will answer some more specific questions and concerns you may be thinking about at the beginning of the school year. Thank you for your support and we are excited that the school year has had such a successful beginning!

News from Secondary School

Duke of Edinburgh International Award. Hanova is a licensed centerfor the prestigious International Award. The second group of Award participants pursuing Sliver Award – the current Year 13 students in our Diploma Programme – completed their Qualifying Adventurous Journey in June. This qualifying journey was supported by Chengdu TianFu Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Association, which is also the International Award Trained Activities Provider.

Supported by the licensed Award assessor, students spent a day planning their journey purpose, route and daily meals by themselves. Students hiked for 7 to 10 hours a day as required by the Award. It was a challenge physically and mentally and we are proud to say that they’ve all completed the Award requirements in the Adventurous Journey. Congratulations to them!

As the International Award Center, Hanova has its 2nd group of Award participants pursuing Sliver Award, from Year 13, conducting their first Practice Adventurous Journey on Saturday and Sunday (18th and 19th, May). This practice journey was supported by Xi’an Outdoor Sport Association and a professional outdoor leader as our coach from the Association. Our coach is also the leader of the rescue team in Xi’an. He provides us comprehensive safety plan for this journey in order to ensure the safety of our students. Apart from intensive hiking activity, training sessions on building tents, setting up fires, knowing the map and direction outdoors, were provided by the leader.

Within the two days’ journey, our students showed their commitment to the adventurous journey. And their behaviors showed that they were qualified IB learners fitting into all the IB learner profiles.

As the new year begins, we are now recruiting new participants (age 14 to 24) for International Award. For more information, please contact our Award Leader Ms. Amy Hou (

MYP Interdisciplinary Unit – IDU Week. The MYP aims to deliver a holistic system of education applicable to the real world. One method we use to achieve this aim is our annual interdisciplinary unit. In this unit teachers integrate learning from their subject, with that of learning in another subject. This year we held our first ‘Interdisciplinary Unit Week’.

The Year 11s worked on integrating Mathematics and English in a unit called: ‘Lies, Dammed Lies and Statistics’.

Year 10 created a Rube Goldberg Machine in a unit combining Design and English.

Year 9 learnt about water pollution from the perspective of Science and Humanities. They tested water and created water filters!

Year 8 chose between:

- Maths and Visual Arts and
- English and Music

The learning that happened last semester was inspiring for us all and I want to thank the teachers for their hard work; but mostly, the students for their unbridled enthusiasm.

Much of the work that was created was on display at our MYP Exhibition on the 12thJune from 11am to 2pm.

MYP Orchestra. MYP Orchestra recruit new members from all MYP students now! We want more students to share the joys of making music in our programs. If you play instruments (e.g. violin, cello, flute and etc.) or interested in the manager position, please contact Ms. Krystal Jiang (

Also, we are pleased to announce the new student leaders of Orchestra- Esther(Eunbi) Kim (Yr11) and Kelly(Haeun) Lee (Yr11).

University Visit. We are delighted to welcome representative from Boston University to Xi’an Hanova International School on Friday, August 30th. This prestigious university from U.S will visit our school to introduce their university, discuss about their programs and more information about university life and admission requirements.

All the students and parents from secondary school are invited. Please join us from 14:50-15:30 pm in the auditorium. There will be opportunities for you to meet admissions and ask any questions you may have.

Thanks again for your continuing support.


Robert C. Muntzer


Upcoming Events

Please take note of these dates. As soon as they are confirmed, we will inform you about any additional events and activities that may take place in the following weeks:

Tuesday, 27thAugust           PYP ‘Meet the Teacher’

Tuesday, 3rdSeptember      MYP Parents Information Session

Friday, 13th September       Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

Friday, 20th September      Staff Professional Development (school closed)

Friday, 27th September      MYP First Interim Report issued

30th Sept. – 6th Oct.          National Day Holidays

About our Head of School

Mr Robert Muntzer

School Principal

Mr Muntzer is the current School Principal of Hanova. He is highly experienced International Baccalaureate (IB) educator who has worked at Hanova as Deputy Principal, and Secondary IB Diploma Coordinator. His former posts include DP Coordinator in Dulwich College Shanghai, founding Director of Studies and IB Coordinator at Repton School Dubai along with Head of English and Head of Languages at schools in Thailand, Ethiopia, Zambia, India and Vietnam. He holds a Bachelor Degree in English from University of Warwick (UK). He has two children both educated in IB World School International schools

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