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Professional storyteller & author visits Hanova

Dear Parents and friends

Author Visit at Hanova - edited by Lydia Song.  Last Friday, November 3, a professional storyteller Andy Wright, visited Hanova and gave 4 sessions to the different student groups.

The sessions were held in the library, and the whole school students were very engaged. For PYP students, Andy performed several stories and got students involved by showing their body language to him. For MYP and DP, Andy demonstrated how to tell a story vividly by manipulating your gestures and sounds. Furthermore, Andy helped students to recall their life journey to make their own stories. All students enjoyed listening and interacting in the session along with some cheers.

This educational and entertaining learning experience is unforgettable for all students and teachers in Hanova.

Celebrating Artistry: Secondary Arts Assembly at Hanova - written by Mr Ferdinand Els, MYP Drama.  A vibrant spectacle of talent and creativity unfolded on Friday, November 3rd, as we gathered to celebrate our Secondary Arts Assembly at Hanova. It was an afternoon brimming with brilliance, showcasing the artistic prowess of our students. What made this event even more special was the involvement from all year levels, ranging from our youngest Y7s to our seasoned Y13s. The assembly was a true reflection of the collective dedication and passion for the arts that courses through the veins of Hanova.

(Click here to see photos and read more about the 2023 Arts Assembly in the photo album...)

Joy City Field Trip – Globalisation Unit - written by Mr Gary Wood, MYP Humanities.  On Monday, the MYP 2 students went on a field trip to visit the Joy City shopping mall beside the Big Goose Pagoda. This trip was part of the globalisation unit currently being taught and the students were given the opportunity to analyse the shopping mall, the products on sale, as well as to what extent China has embraced globalisation. Students spent their time visiting some of the different stores and engaging with some of the store assistants, in order to obtain information about some of the products being sold and whether or not those particular products or stores operated on an international scale. This was a fun experience for the students and they certainly walked away with a stronger understanding of globalisation and the international presence of many domestic companies. A big thanks to Miss Sandra, Miss Mindy, Miss Jane and Mr Im for volunteering to help manage the whole trip! #Knowledgeable #Inquirers

U14 Girl’s basketball team win title! - written by Mr Jason Cui, PE Teacher & Coach.  In what was a “Super Saturday” of sport the U14 girls’ basketball team went to XLIS to defend their Liangjiatan Jam title with XIS, DEXA and XLIS. Our young female hawks had enjoyed success in their friendly games with comfortable victories but were to find that tournament play can be a complete beast.

The final was an extremely even game, that went one way and then the other. Leading by 3 points towards the end of the game, our female Hawks were incredibly resilient, courageous and committed in defense in order to maintain this lead until the final whistle sounded.

Hanova Hawks, Liangjiatan Jam Champions for the 2nd year in succession!

All-Star team nominations were Grace Li and Alice Zhang.

Looking back on this season, the competition is getting stronger and our girls showed great determination, rising to the challenge yet again, which is an amazing achievement for all concerned.

Thank you to all of the parents and staff that showed their support for the players! We have done the Hanova community proud!

Exhibition - Chinese By My Side - written by Ms. Alina & Ms. Rae, Chinese Teachers.  The important concept in Chinese language acquisition classrooms is that authentic language materials should be used, and students' input and output should be linked to real life, making language truly used for daily communication. In this month, Chinese B teacher Ms. Alina and Ms. Rae initiated an activity to encourage all MYP Chinese acquisition students to use vocabulary annotations to introduce a photo they took. Students found many interesting photos and accumulated more vocabulary about the world around them through self-study and peer-study. This activity aims to encourage students to develop the habit of actively learning from life and making progress from it.

Students in Chinese acquisition class are pleased to welcome all teachers and students to visit their learning outcomes. The exhibition board is located in the hall on the third floor of the secondary building now.

About the School Principal

Mr Lucas J. Roberts

School Principal

Mr Lucas J. Roberts is the current School Principal at Hanova. Mr. Luke, as he prefers to be called, has served in international school education in China for the past 14 years in Wuxi, Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing. He has served during those years as Secondary Principal, whole school Vice Principal, School Principal (K-7th grade), High School Principal and Primary School Principal. He graduated university with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies and continued on to earn an M.Ed. in Educational Administration. He joined Hanova in the summer of 2023 and is currently working on completing his Ed.D in Educational Leadership through Wilkes University (USA).

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