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2023 Secondary Arts Assembly

A vibrant spectacle of talent and creativity unfolded on Friday, November 3rd, as we gathered to celebrate our Secondary Arts Assembly at Hanova. It was an afternoon brimming with brilliance, showcasing the artistic prowess of our students. What made this event even more special was the involvement from all year levels, ranging from our youngest Y7s to our seasoned Y13s. The assembly was a true reflection of the collective dedication and passion for the arts that courses through the veins of Hanova.

Hanova’s Secondary Arts Assembly performances were a testament to the diversity of talent at our school. As the audience entered the auditorium, they were immediately met with the dazzling sight of our Y9 walking statues wearing their remarkable hats. The Y7a's then took to the stage to lead the audience with their masterful MC skills, setting the stage for a remarkable journey. The other Year 7 group, Y7b, mesmerized the audience with a beautiful rendition of Qing Hua Ci, showcasing their musical talents across a variety of instruments.

Our Y8 and Y9 students, with their play "Hoodie," demonstrated their acting skills, leaving the audience captivated. Meanwhile, the Y10 and Y11 drama students shone with engaging monologues that were moving yet humorous at times. The Y10’s also demonstrated their versatility with members of the extra music class performing an electric dance medley that brought energy and excitement to the stage.

Syncopation was the name of the game as Y10 and Y11 music students presented a captivating jazz performance, "Swingology,". They dazzled the audience with their impeccable timing and infectious melodies. They were followed by our Y12 musicians Samantha and Tony showcased their instrumental skills on piano and Chinese flute.

Finally, the Y10 and Y11 Visual Arts students and ECA Fashion group led a dazzling fashion show. The catwalk saw models from Y7 to Y11 strutting their stuff, turning the assembly into a mini-fashion extravaganza. The rhythm of the music and grace of the models, ended off the afternoon in style. Quite literally!

Of course, a live show cannot succeed without the support of a hardworking team behind the scenes. Our lighting and backstage crew, composed of Y10, 11, and 13 students, worked tirelessly to ensure that the entire event went off without a hitch, and for that, we're immensely grateful. It's their dedicated efforts that made the performances shine and kept the show running seamlessly.

The success of this assembly wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of our school board, heads, teachers, and parents. A heartfelt thank you to the teachers of the Arts Department for their tireless efforts in nurturing and cultivating the remarkable talent within our school. As we bask in the afterglow of the Secondary Arts Assembly, we are reminded of the vibrant and creative spirit that defines Hanova. Here's to more artistic endeavours and celebrations in the future!

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