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Year 4 Students host “Plaza Shopping Mall” in auditorium

By Mr Martin Hughes

Dear Parents and

Primary Reports. All parents of students in the Primary should have received their child’s report by student post on Tuesday this week (20th January).  We hope you found these informative.  We intended to send them by email but the computer programme we use for the reports cannot email out.  If you need a soft copy (pdf) of the report please let us know.

Primary Parent Consultations. You should also have received an invitation to the Primary Parent Consultations sometime in the week 2nd to 6th February.  If the day or time was not suitable please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Homeroom Teacher or our liaison team of Zena Yang ( or Lucy Liu ( to arrange a more suitable time.  Early Evening appointments are available for parents working during the day.  These are only available on the Wednesday, 4th between 5 and 7:00pm.  Again let us know if you would like an evening appointment. For those of you who may not have seen last week’s Newsletter and are wondering about your Secondary child:

Middle and Diploma Years You should have been able to access and print or save a pdf of your child’s report for the first semester just before the December holiday.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Liaison team or directly the relevant teacher(s) to make an appointment, the same as at any time of the year.  The next general Parents Consultation for Middle and Diploma Years students will be held towards the end of the school year on Monday, 15th June. 

Y4 Shopping Plaza. The Year 4 Plaza shopping mall held in the auditorium on Wednesday 21st January, the culmination of their Unit of Inquiry, was a big success. There were all sorts of stalls there with things the children had made for sale, such as origami figures, rubber band bracelets, books and toys, and refreshments some with their own special recipes. There were also a number of games, all on target (!) to tempt the customers to part with their money for a bit of fun or to win some enticing prizes.  The efforts the students had put in were fantastic, for example one game with completely home made guns for shooting elastic bands at targets, another with refreshments with their own special recipes and another making personal seals from wine-corks. The children worked very hard to prepare everything for their shop; they made advertisements, price lists, rules for the games, and decorations.

The day was greatly enjoyed by the many classes that visited the plaza and the many teachers with money in their pockets. They all came shopping and played games as well.  Ms Gerda Neppelenbroek wants to thank the children, parents, office staff, cleaning ladies and security staff for their help and support. And we thank you for giving your child money to spend. You all made this event into an unforgettable experience.  The students in year 4 were really impressive in their level of organisation for ones so young.  Very well done, Y4!

Meet the Teacher – Y5 and Y2 and EASE Y1-3. There was a great turnout of parents on Tuesday to meet Mr Tony Manning who has taken over Y5.  Parents were introduced to the assessment and planning Mr Manning and Ms Abhi Jain have put into ensuring there is as much continuity of learning and progression in the curriculum as possible to build on the progress of the first semester.  A similar meeting will be held to meet (or meet again!) Mrs Jeannie Rice who will be taking over Y2 with the handover beginning next week.  Ms Ronna Fraser will then be able to return to her role of supporting the students in Y1-3 on their English Acquisition Support and Extension programme.  We thank parents for their understanding during the hiatus in this programme.

Chinese New Year. Our Primary Years Programme celebration is taking place on Thursday, 12th February from 10:30 – 11:45.  If you still want to sign up to perform, please send us your details as soon as possible (type of presentation, length of activity, AV equipment needed).  We are currently looking at each presentation and giving feedback, and will review the performances again the week of 2nd February.  If we have any parent groups wanting to perform and celebrate the Chinese culture, please let us know as soon as possible.  Please contact Natalie O’Connor at

University and Careers. We are delighted to tell you that the international admission officer from Brunel University London is interested in visiting Hanova.  Brunel University is renowned worldwide for its excellence in degrees in Engineering and related fields. We are fortunate to have this opportunity.

Unfortunately, according to their travel schedule, the only date they can visit is 8th March, which is a Sunday.  We know Sunday is not an ideal day for a meeting. A very senior representative, Professor John Stonham, Director of Electronic Engineering, is part of the delegation, which offers students a rare and excellent opportunity. 

If you are able to attend, please reply to Sharon ( on or before Monday (26th January) by email or phone  (mob: 18523858055).  Please feel free to contact her if you require any further information.

This visit is added to expected ones from the following UK universities, as mentioned in last week’s newsletter.

Kings College London                             St. Andrews University                      York University

Lancaster University                               University of Essex

Best regards,

Martin Hughes


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About the Author

Martin Hughes

Former School Principal

Mr Martin Hughes was the founding Principal of Hanova from 2012-15. Prior to his time at Hanova, he already had 23 years of experience as Principal in the UK and China at five different schools – including posts at Wuxi EtonHouse and EtonHouse’s flagship Suzhou school. During his time as founding Principal at Hanova, he helped support the initial IB Diploma Programme authorisation (2014) and used his educational vision to help plant our then brand new school on a firm foundation. Under his leadership, Hanova’s motto emerged, “Enabling children to become independent, creative and lifelong learners!”

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