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The Principal’s Newsletter

Hanova’s first College Fair 2015

By Francesco Masetti-Placci

Dear Parents and friends,

Highlights of the week. We have completed another week into this school year. Again I continue to thank you for your support.

We continue to experience transportation difficulties, due to the difficult relationship that we now have with the Bodi School, which surrounds us. I will send out a separate letter to give you more detail about this particular situation.

In parallel, our Office and Operations teams, our Bus Monitors and our School Staff will all increase their effort to ensure the appropriate safety and transportation to our students, before and during their travel to/from school.

Finally, as previously promised, we will work to launch new initiatives and increase the information events to students and parents. Last week the first inter-house competitions took place; this week we had the first Hanova College Fair, a very successful event, and we launched the first block of ECAs; and next week we will have the IB DP Information Day.

First Hanova University and College Fair. On Friday September 11th Hanova has hosted its first University and College Fair in our Auditorium. These American Universities – University of Puget Sound, Colgate University, Rhodes College and Gettysburg College – have presented their programs and answered the questions from our students. We welcomed also some parents and we hope we will see more and more in the future, to communicate face to face with university admission officers about our students’ future. 

IB DP Information Day. A reminder about or upcoming IB DP Information Day: we would like to invite all parents of Year 12 and Year 13 to an information session at 3.45pm on Wednesday, 16th September, that will take place in the IB Common Room on the 3rd floor. Mr. Muntzer and the IB DP Teachers will provide detailed information on the programme, the options and the deadlines to all students and parents present at the event.

First Block of after-school Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs). The first block of our after-school ECA Programme started this week. Despite the difficulties created by the rainy day, all students have participated in one activity, organized and supervised by our teachers and staff. We plan to continue and increase these activities, that we see of great importance to develop all the abilities of our students.


Francesco Masetti-Placci

About the Author

Francesco Masetti-Placci

Former School Principal

Dr. Masetti-Placci was a former school Principal of Xi’an Hanova International School from 2015-2018. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Bologna and a Master in Information Technology from Polytechnic of Milan, with studies also in France (University of Rennes) and the USA (Washington University). Before joining Hanova, he previously has taught in secondary schools and universities in Italy, France, USA and China.

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