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Secondary Interhouse Table Tennis competition

By Francesco Masetti-Placci

Dear Parents and friends,

Highlights of the week. One more week before the first break in our calendar, to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and China’s National Day. The academic activities, inside and outside the classroom, are gearing up and we will continue to inform you about our programs and the new initiatives. Last week we sent out the laptop policy to all PYP parents, this week we will send the updated one for MYP and DP students. We also had the IBDP Information Day and next week we will have another one about the MYP.

Finally, next week the PYP students will have extra holiday on 24th-25th September, when all the PYP teachers will carry out two Professional Development days. Again I continue to thank you for your support.

Panda Books Awards. From this week, our library starts a reading promotion activity: the Panda Book Awards. This initiative invites students and teachers from participating international schools - in China and abroad - to vote for their favorite book published in the years 2013-2015. All Panda Books are separated by type according to the age level:
Young Readers (4-6 years) - picture books
Middle Readers (7-10 years) - chapter books
Older Readers (11-14 years)
Mature Readers (15 -18 years)

The Panda Book Awards reading program promises to take our students on an exciting reading adventure. In addition, our students will also obtain house points when they read Panda books and participate our particular Panda promotion activity. For more information, please contact our Librarian Ms. Amy Hou:

Goethe-Institut eLibrary. Our library has registered for access to the eLibrary of the Goethe-Institut, a digital library providing books and magazines in German: our students will be able to download a wide range of digital media such as eBooks, ePapers, eMusic, eAudios and eVideos. For more information, please contact our Librarian: Ms. Amy Hou:

MYP Information Day. A reminder about our upcoming MYP Information Day: Mr Joseph Hamkari, our new MYP Coordinator, will be making a presentation for all MYP parents in the auditorium at 3.45 pm on Wednesday 23rd September. After an overview of the MYP, the requirements for successful completion of the students’ Personal Project will be covered, and how parents can help their children best succeed in the MYP.

Student Leadership. We are excited to let you know that our Head Boy and Head Girl, as well as our House Leaders for the academic year 2015-16 will be announced at the Student Assembly on Friday 25th September at 12:00 noon. All Year 12 students have been invited to apply for the positions of Head Boy and Head Girl and the houses will vote on Wednesday 23rd September for their House Leaders from candidates between Years 10 – 12. I encourage all students to stand for these positions, not only does it look very good on your applications to universities and colleges if you have held leadership positions at school, but we also are planning fun gatherings and leadership development for our school’s leadership team this academic year!

PYP Houses. We are also proud to announce the PYP House Leaders: Alex Liu (Qin), Erin Breeze (Han), Sophie Xiang (Tang) and Sofia Yoon (Song). The first events in the PYP (Years 4 – 6) Inter-house competition will be the football extravaganza and the quiz next term.

Inter-house Competition. The first activities of Secondary School Inter-house competition began last week. Qin won the Boys Table Tennis Tournament (Senior and Junior) and Song won the Girls (Senior and Junior) against impressive competition. Special mention must be made of: Tae Yang Lee, Andy Lee, Cissie Zhang and Melina Cho who
were the stars of the day!
Francesco Masetti-Placc

About the Author

Francesco Masetti-Placci

Former School Principal

Dr. Masetti-Placci was a former school Principal of Xi'an Hanova International School from 2015-2018. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Bologna and a Master in Information Technology from Polytechnic of Milan, with studies also in France (University of Rennes) and the USA (Washington University). Before joining Hanova, he previously has taught in secondary schools and universities in Italy, France, USA and China.

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