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By Francesco Masetti-Placci

Dear Parents and friends,

Welcome back to school again, and hope you all had an excellent rest during the Qingming Spring Break. Related to this week, hereafter we have the following activities information to share with you:

Security. During the Spring Holiday (2016.4.2 – 2016.4.10), Hanova International School has taken steps to further strengthen the security measures on campus, as we communicated with specific emails and letters to all parents and staff. In particular:

  • The Parent Card is being issued now to be used for access to campus, especially for any open event in school, like Sports Day this Friday and the upcoming International Day, and any appointment or meeting, such as parent-teacher conference in school. Please make sure to send the requested photo to our Liaison officer Ms. Yang (
  • Parents’ and visitors’ access will be more regulated on campus: visitors to Hanova must make an appointment beforehand, otherwise may be asked to arrange another time if school staff is not available. Visitors must provide ID Card or passport to check in our campus.

Secondary Parent-Teacher Conference. We would like to thank all the parents, students and staff who took part in our successful formative Parent-Teacher Conference for Years 7 to Year 13 on Wednesday April 13th. Parents were invited to talk with subject teacher directly, to know more on the student interim report: students now have further ideas to add to their reflections on how they can improve their learning this year.

Education Out Of The Classroom Activities. Primary and Secondary School are planning our Education Out Of The Classroom Activities for this school year. Briefing to parents have been given to ensure preparation and all Secondary parents have received information via email: please reply to the homeroom teachers as soon as possible!

Book Fair. The Library has organized with Beijing Star Kids Children’s Bookstore our annual Book Fair on 18th and 19th April this year on our campus. Students will have the possibility to purchase great English books during the Book Fair, which was very popular among our students last year. As usual, the Bookstore seller has pre-organized the whole purchase process, and will be also in charge of collecting cash. 

School Uniform. Parents are reminded that uniforms are compulsory throughout the school. With the exception of the Diploma students in Years 12 and 13, who must wear Business Dress, it is expected that students should be in school uniform. While we are addressing the shortage of certain sizes, we ask the cooperation of our parents to ensure that their children are dressed properly and the Hanova’s dress code is upheld. If you have any problem please don’t hesitate to contact our Liaison officer Ms. Yang (

Sports Day. The students have been working hard in Physical Education classes to prepare an train for this day, when they will demonstrate their strength and skills, and also win the points for their own Houses through the competition: we invite all parents, students and staff to cheer them while watching the events! Sports Day will be a half-day event for Primary lower years, and whole day for Primary upper years and all secondary students.

Unfortunately, the rain has stopped the program just after the cross outside the school. The backup date is set for Tuesday.

ECA Block 3. ECA Block 3 starts on Wednesday, April 20th and will continue until the end of May. Wednesday school activities will finish at 4:30pm and buses will leave accordingly.

New Staff. Ms. Vivian Yuan has joined Hanova, taking over Ms. Lv’s role in the Primary section of the Library. She came back to Xi’an from the UK last year, after obtaining her Master in Linguistics from Manchester University. She has already started her support to our younger students.

Ms. Ruth Wei has joined Hanova, to expand the support we provide to our students. She came back to Xi’an from the USA during last year, after obtaining her Master in Social Work from Florida State University and some professional experience as Counselor.

Please, join me welcoming our new colleagues who will share with us the life of the school.

Thanks again for your continuing support.


Francesco Masetti-Placci


Upcoming Events. Please take note of these upcoming events during the month of April and May:

Friday, April 15th                                    Sports Day

Tuesday, April 19th                                Sports Day back-up

Monday-Tuesday, April 18th – 19th   Book Fair

Wednesday, April 20th                               ECA Block 3 starts

Wednesday, April 20th                         Parent Info Session: MYP inquiry based learning

Wednesday, April 29th                               International Day

Friday, May 20th                                    Graduation Assembly

About the Author

Francesco Masetti-Placci

Former School Principal

Dr. Masetti-Placci was a former school Principal of Xi'an Hanova International School from 2015-2018. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Bologna and a Master in Information Technology from Polytechnic of Milan, with studies also in France (University of Rennes) and the USA (Washington University). Before joining Hanova, he previously has taught in secondary schools and universities in Italy, France, USA and China.

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