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The Principal's Newsletter

Hanova’s sports teams start regular training

By Francesco Masetti-Placci

Dear Parents and friends,

A combined newsletter for last week and this short week before the first break in our calendar, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional harvest festival celebrated in China and neighboring countries on the night of the full moon between early September to early October. China has listed the festival as an “intangible cultural heritage” in 2006, because traditions and myths celebrate three fundamental concepts, which are closely tied to one another:

  • gathering, such as family and friends coming together;
  • thanksgiving, for harmonious unions;
  • praying, for material wishes or for a good future.

We are happy to celebrate these concepts also in our school within our academic activities, which are now gearing up well inside the First Semester.

PYP news of the week.  The Primary School students began their Reading Buddy sessions, which will take place on some Fridays throughout the year. This plays a vital part in encouraging reading and comprehension skills and speaking and listening skill. Their initial Reading Buddy meeting involved “getting to know you buddy activities” and sharing books. Reading is key to developing study and language skills so please modelㅇ and share the joy of reading regularly at home.

2016-17 ECAs Begin! Our first block of ECAs will begin on Wednesday, September 21st. ECA Forms were sent home with each student this week that describe the wide selection of choices available for this year’s Hanova’s Extra-curricular Activity programme. Please look over the forms with your children to find out which ECA they would enjoy most and then return the signed form to homeroom teachers as soon as possible.

Parents, please remember that buses will leave school at 4:30pm every Wednesday during ECAs. If your children will not participate in an ECA, you must arrange transportation for them to leave at 3:30pm otherwise they will have to join one activity.

Sports.  The student teams will start the regular trainings for our favorite sports, to prepare the future competitions and tournaments. Please also look out for new sports launched, if you are interested. The final calendar of the main sport activities and events will be confirmed next week.

University Visits.  In this semester, we will be having more universities visit Hanova. Hereafter the information on the upcoming university visits for September, which will all take place at 1:05pm in the auditorium. We will keep you updated with any changes and new visits. For all events related to university and careers, parents are strongly encouraged to join us.

  • 9/21 Washington & Jefferson College
  • 9/23 University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown
  • 9/26 College of Wooster


Francesco Masetti-Placci

About the Author

Francesco Masetti-Placci

Former School Principal

Dr. Masetti-Placci was a former school Principal of Xi'an Hanova International School from 2015-2018. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Bologna and a Master in Information Technology from Polytechnic of Milan, with studies also in France (University of Rennes) and the USA (Washington University). Before joining Hanova, he previously has taught in secondary schools and universities in Italy, France, USA and China.

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