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Hanova New School Campus Announced

By Francesco Masetti-Placci

Dear Parents and friends,

We just finished another week full of activities. Hereafter are the news and highlights.

Hanova New School Campus. We are proud to announce that the construction of the new school campus of Xi’an Hanova International School has been officially launched. The School Board, will lead the huge investment in the permanent Hanova school campus construction, which will allow Hanova to enjoy a new state-of-the-art facility. The land was purchased at the end of 2014, the campus design has been completed and with the assistance and support from the government at various levels, early this year all obstacles were eliminated to finally realize the start of the construction work.

Please join me in welcoming the opportunity and the challenges to build a world-class school utilizing the IB curriculum which will help our community to educate outstanding international students.

Interhouse Sports Day 2017. Sports Day in its current format celebrated its second year on Friday 14th April 2017. Secondary students took part in a multi-event competition to see who would be the “best overall athlete” boys and girls, for each year group. Competition was fast and furious but always with a “supportive” spirit. Well done to all students in participating to a wonderful day> the results were as follows:

Yr. 7 Girls Yr. 8 Girls Yr. 9 Girls Yr. 10 Girls Yr. 11 Girls Yr.12 Girls Yr. 13 Girls
Gigi Amina Lisa Lisa Cissie Amee Not awarded


Yr. 7 Boys Yr. 8 Boys Yr.9 Boys Yr. 10 Boys Yr. 11 Boys Yr. 12 Boys Yr. 13 Boys
William Andy Dido Alessandro Kai Song Collins


Qin     583 = 1st (100 House Points)

Song   530 = 2nd (75 House Points)

Han     436 = 3rd (50 House Points)

Tang    402 = 4th (25 House Points)

Primary students also got into the “swing of things’ with fun and friendly competition. The emphasis here was more on mass participation and most importantly having fun!

Many thanks to all teachers, staff and parents for the effort and presence during the whole day. For more information please contact our Athletic Director Mr. Lynn ( ).

Assemblies are being organized to celebrate the students and their houses.

Guest Speaker from Xi’an Jiaotong – Liverpool University. Dr. Dawson, professor from Xi’an Jiaotong – Liverpool University, presented to our Secondary students “Science as a Career” on Monday 17th April. For more information on this event contact our University Counselor Mrs. Zhu ( ).

Primary Mangahigh Math Competition. We have announced the overall results of the Mangahigh Math competition. We have received the medals, awarded to our students. Congratulation to the PYP medal winners:


Sunny Lee (Year 5)

Bae Ellie (Year 5)


TzeYo Ng  (Year 4)

Tabea Jarc (Year 4)


Sally Lee (Year 5)

Primary School News. Reception students staged an excellent performance during the Friday assembly. Nursery students planted seeds and worked in the Science Lab as part of their Unit of Inquiry about Living and Non Living things. Also, a reminder that On Monday 22nd May, all Primary students will lead the PYP Student Led Conferences. It’s a special school day for all – students, parents and teachers. Forms with details for the day and booking instructions have been sent home. Please contact your homeroom teacher or the Primary administration with your child(ren) information.

Hanova Academies. Hanova Sports Academy, Music Academy and Arts Academy started this week with the students who have registered. For any new interest, please register with our Marketing and Liaison Team.

Fire Drill Practice. Just to inform you all in advance: as part of our safety procedures, we will soon have a fire drill practice for the whole school.

Important Academic Dates. We are approaching the end of the school year. Please book your calendars to participate to these key academic events during the next months.

  • From Monday 1st to Friday 19th May, our Year 13 students will sit for the Diploma Programme examinations.
  • From Monday 22nd to Friday 26th May, our Secondary students will have some End of Year exams and assessments.
  • On Monday 22nd May, our Primary students will lead the PYP Student Led Conferences.
  • On Friday 26th May the Secondary Graduation Assembly will take place, an important event for our Year 13 students who will then leave Hanova.
  • On Friday 26th May evening we will have the Graduation Dinner for our Y13 students to celebrate their achievements in a family setting.
  • On Thursday and Friday 1st – 2nd June, our Year 6 students will present the PYP Exhibition, which is the culminating experience of the IB PYP.

Thanks again for your continuing support.


Francesco Masetti-Placci


Upcoming Events

Monday 22nd May            Primary Student Led Conferences

Friday 26th May                Secondary Graduation Assembly

Friday 26th May                Secondary Graduation Dinner

Thursday-Friday 1st-2nd June    PYP Exhibition

About the Author

Francesco Masetti-Placci

Former School Principal

Dr. Masetti-Placci was a former school Principal of Xi'an Hanova International School from 2015-2018. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Bologna and a Master in Information Technology from Polytechnic of Milan, with studies also in France (University of Rennes) and the USA (Washington University). Before joining Hanova, he previously has taught in secondary schools and universities in Italy, France, USA and China.

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