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DP Year 13 Visual Arts Exhibition 2021

The Year 13 Students’ DP Visual Arts exhibition opened on 23rd March at Hanova. Students, staff and parents took time to browse the exhibition and take in the creativity and uniqueness of the art! The school entryway and lobby area was filled with a variety of styles, media, and genres of artwork as the students showcased their talent, skills and hard work over the past two years. All of their work has been created in class over the very uncertain times of the COVID global pandemic. We are very glad to see that our students’ works were highly appreciated by everyone again!

Daon Hwang’s creative work includes acrylic paintings, sculpture, and digital drawing. She believes that the most interrelated source in art is our life itself. Therefore, her exhibition is about a life with all the processes from birth to death. There is birth, children, adolescents, adults, even death, and for the last and first stages of life, Rebirth. For the display she put her artworks in a row to make the co-relationship stronger within each other.

Yin Fei Hong Wang carefully selected the artworks for his exhibition that are most characteristic of him and can best show the changes he has experienced during the two years of his study. His artworks are mainly oil painting because this is the main skill he learned and developed during these two years in the Diploma Programme. The rest of the works show the other creation and integration he took in learning oil painting and his curiosity and desire to explore – including the use of string and acrylic sheet to create art. The whole exhibition is semi-arched, and the works mainly avoid the lineups of the before and after relation.

Congratulations to our art students and thank you for bringing us such a fabulous DP Visual Arts Exhibition!

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