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Julia Palmeira receives 2nd place finish in Chinese competition

The finals in the 2020 Super Chinese Cup, a Chinese language competition for international Chinese students from all around the world, were hosted on 16th January through the platform of Zoom. Students spoke about and expressed very unique ideas about a vast variety of topics such as environmental protection, future development, education and many more. Throughout the course of the finals, a total online audience of 10,750 people were watching the participants. One of our Hanova Year 10 students, Julia Palmeira, diligently participated in all phases of the competition, and successfully received the Second Place for the middle school international group in the competition!

Julia writes: “Taking part in this competition has been an amazing experience for me. I not only practiced my Chinese public speaking skills, but was greatly inspired by all the other students’ speeches and diligence. If I am being very honest, I was terrified in the beginning, and was on the verge of giving up. Once I got my results for the semi-finals, however, together with the encouragement from my Chinese teachers and my friends from school, I was encouraged to keep going and try my best. I was determined to make good use of this opportunity. The Super Chinese Cup truly exceeded my expectations. Teachers were hardworking and committed to helping create the best learning experience possible and students were incredibly supportive and willing to work hard. Hearing other people’s speeches inspired me to take more risks and have courage to talk to others in Chinese and communicate my ideas. I am very grateful to all who hosted this event, as well as to all those who gave me motivation and support throughout this journey and I hope I get to participate in more competitions like this in the future.” – Julia Palmeira

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