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Secondary Arts Assemblies Poster Campaign

Written by Jennifer Lazareck, MYP Performing Arts teacher

MYP Performing Arts students were given a summative assessment task to engage them in creating a poster to promote their upcoming performances, and encourage their audience to attend. The poster needed to reflect the ideas, theme, or setting of the play or music genre. Plus, the information an audience needs in order to attend the event.

Congratulations to the following MYP students, as their Promotional Posters were chosen for the advertising campaign for the Semester 2: Secondary Arts Assemblies.

– Year 7 Drama: Lauren Yuju Han + Emily Xiaozhi Wang
– Year 8A Music: Lais Palmeria + Adele Hye Young Yoon
– Year 9 Drama: Ellie Hyeyun Bae, Mina Kang, Faith Gibbs, and Will Ming Shang Li
– Year 10 Music: Julia Palmeria, Lily Yera Yun, and Ann Nemytova
– Year 11 Drama: Elijah Smith + Vincent Gibbs

As the students work towards their final graded performance, we are all looking forward to giving the “gift of entertainment” to the Hanova Community at the end of this month. Until May 14th and 21st !

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