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Year 6 Exhibition

Written by Petra Vejvodova

This year our PYP Exhibition was held on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of May. We had seven groups presenting their topics under the transdisciplinary theme: ‘Who we are’.

1. People need rules to create safe roads by Eugine and Jihoon
2. Our treatment of animals helps us to create a caring world by Siwoo, Constance, Lucy Lee and Yuny
3. Human greed causes damage and may lead to destruction by Hun, Dan. Julie, Anna
4. Human health is affected by smoke by James, Leo, Yubin and Lucy Cho
5. Clean environment is produced by responsible human activities by Aster, Sunwoo and Shelly
6. Healthy society is a product of mutual respect for human rights by Ella and Koeun
7. We design Eco-friendly houses to improve our lives by Jacqueline

Students had 2 months to complete their research, surveys, interviews, actions, EOTCs, art pieces and websites. It was a long and challenging process but all the groups succeeded in showing their commitment to being life-long learners.

Y6 students were very excited to share their learning with the Hanova community and visitors. On Thursday they presented to EY, Y3 and Y4. The young students had the opportunity to learn about various topics through games and interactive activities. They all said it was lots of fun.

On Friday, Y6 presented their speeches to the parents, Y5 and Y7 students. They clearly showed their knowledge and understanding of their topics. Afterwards, the parents and our visitors could view the board presentations and ask questions. This year we had Y6 students from XLIS visiting our Exhibition. It was great to see students interacting and learning from each other.

We are all proud of our Y6 students’ achievements!

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