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Early Years needs your help with donations

Written by Emma Tidmarsh

Role play is especially important for children learning English as an additional language. A home corner can provide real everyday vocabulary for them to get hold of and use in a relaxed way. For quiet children, the home corner can also be a place they feel comfortable.

The hunt is on! We need our parents and friends in the Hanova community to donate items for our early years students to use. Below is a list of the items you can help with:

- Books,
- Old computers
- Furniture
- Home décor
- Kitchen goods
- Boxes all shapes and sizes
- Hard hats, plants, outdoor gardening and tools
- Luggage, hand bags, purses
- Clothing all sizes and cultures, mens and womens
- Car tires, bamboo, PVC piping, pebbles…and so much more!

* It is important that these things are used and not in perfect condition. We do not want brand new items and would like a mix of cultures, patterns and colors. Thank you for your help in advance from all the students in the Early Years!

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