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Secondary Student Forum class representatives

Last Friday, November 5th, MYP students elected their class representatives for the student forum. It was a formative experience for them, choosing the right candidate with the best proposals to represent them in the Student Forum.

We want to congratulate the students’ representatives; they have a big responsibility with their classmates and the community. They have to decide the projects and activities that can help our school grow and become even better.

These are the MYP student representatives:

Year group President Vice President
7 Constance Zhang Siwoo Kim
8 Xin Ran Lu (Amy) Edán Hernández
9 Hye Eun Yoon (Bella) Hye Young Yoon (Adele)
10 Ming Shan Li (Will) Yutong Yuan (Yulia)
11 Jinseo Park (Jenny) Anna Nemitova (Ann)

This Friday, 3rd December, we will have the Head Boy, Head girl, Deputy Head Boy, and Deputy Head Girl elections. They will be elected from a group of DP year 12 students. Thus, we will have the whole student Forum working as a group of young leaders, developing their skills to guide the world in the near future.

In the very first leaders meeting, the Head of Secondary, Mr Rodriguez, and the Diploma Coordinator, Ms Sharon, have welcomed these young leaders to join the team, and encouraged them that by working together, we are going to build a strong bond among our community members.

Mr Rodriguez and Ms Sharon have also given the new leaders training on how to be student leaders, and the first task for these excellent young men and women is to work out a vision statement and mission statement for the Student Forum.

Dear Hanova leaders:

Remember, “To be a class representative, more than a privilege, is a responsibility with your classmates and our community.”

Congratulations !!!!

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