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The Hanova community celebrates the Class of 2022!

By Mr Robert Muntzer

Dear Parents and friends

Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony - Written by Mr Aristipo Rodriguez, Head of Secondary.  Like any other family, all secondary school and graduate families met at the Auditorium last Friday, 27th May, for the Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony.  We accompanied our graduate students in one of the most important milestones, their High school graduation.

One more year in which Hanova fulfils its mission of educating young people responsible for Society. Today we are proud of them and the work that all community members did to support them in this process - the Board, Secondary school management team, teachers, parents and other secondary students.

We were teaching them how to fly, but from today on, they will fly by themselves using the skills they developed during all these years. We wish them the best of luck, and we are sure they will succeed in any endeavour, spreading the Hanova spirit everywhere they go.

Dear graduates: “Do not forget that Hanova is your home, and we will be here always for you.”

See the Graduation Ceremony photo album...

Graduation Celebration Party - Written by Ms Sharon Zhu, DP Coordinator.  In the evening following the graduation ceremony, there was a party for the graduates, their families, and the secondary staff to celebrate our graduates’ success, and the effort made by all stakeholders.

The party was opened by our deputy Head Boy, Albert Kim and deputy Head Girl Jessica Yoon from Y12. One of our graduates’ homeroom teachers Ms Beltran made a lovely and sweet address to our graduates followed by an amazing music performance from our MYP students.

We enjoyed the food, the view, the music, and the company on our spacious terrace, and the weather was just as beautiful as our graduates and our guests.

Congratulations, class of 2022!

Hanova Summer School 2022 - Written by Ms Amy Hou, MYP Coordinator.  In Primary, the first 2 weeks are for Early Years students and the last 2 weeks are for Upper Year students. Courses in Primary includes UOI topics, English, Sciences, Chinese, Reading, Sports, Guitar and Art.

In Secondary, teachers offer courses in English, Chinese, Design, Computer Science, Art, and Sports. Students will receive AMC Math Competition tutoring and CREST Bronze Competition tutoring in Science as well.

If you are interested in registering for the Hanova Summer School, please contact Ms. Amy Hou ( for more information.

Year 4 Overnight Stay - Written by Ms Emma Colling, PYP Upper Years Coordinator.  The Year 4 team, of students and teachers enjoyed an action packed two days during our Overnight Stay. We visited a pottery workshop where the children got to choose an item to make using a pottery wheel. They chose their glaze colour and are excited to get their creation back once they have been fired.

Giant footballs gave the students plenty of excitement to kick off our afternoon activity which linked physical activity and math measurement objectives. A big hit for the student was our evening campfire where they talked and toasted marshmallows and learnt about being safe around a campfire. We all had a restful sleep in the gym with sleeping bags and camping equipment.

On our second day the students started the day with a healthy breakfast which powered them through a morning run, water relays, as well as a water fight to cool off in the afternoon. A wonderful two days experience, feedback from the students always inspires teachers to go that little bit extra the following year. "That was the best two days of my life!" "This sandwich is so delicious, can I make one and take it home for each of my family?"

A student reflection on the Year 4 Overnight Stay - Written by Minsung, Y4 student.  “My favourite activity was the water fight during camp day. It was a hot sunny day. We put on our swimming suits. I had a big white water gun. I got wet from head to toe. We had so much fun. On Thursday, we had a sleep over in the gym. This I the first time I had an overnight stay away from my family. I felt happy and excited because I spent time with my friends.”   - Minsung

We are proud of Minsung as he just joined us in December! Minsung has an amazing learning attitude and has made great progress. He comes to school excited each day and is trying his best all the time! – Ms Emma Colling, Y4 Teacher

Upcoming School Events:

- Friday, 17th June: Last day of school
- June 27 – July 8th: PYP Early Years Summer School
- July 11th – July 22nd: PYP Upper Years Summer School
- June 27th to July 22nd: MYP Summer School

About our Head of School

Mr Robert Muntzer

School Principal

Mr Muntzer is the current School Principal of Hanova. He is highly experienced International Baccalaureate (IB) educator who has worked at Hanova as Deputy Principal, and Secondary IB Diploma Coordinator. His former posts include DP Coordinator in Dulwich College Shanghai, founding Director of Studies and IB Coordinator at Repton School Dubai along with Head of English and Head of Languages at schools in Thailand, Ethiopia, Zambia, India and Vietnam. He holds a Bachelor Degree in English from University of Warwick (UK). He has two children both educated in IB World School International schools

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