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Hanova partners with Australian Science Olympiad (ASOC)

Dear Parents and friends

Written by Ms Mindy Li, IB Administrator. Competitions are great for students. Besides the opportunity to put their scientific knowledge and skills to the test, they also teach them the importance of teamwork, success, and failure.

If you’re hoping to venture into a STEM field for your university major and future career, science competitions will give students a boost in their overall

It is such a pleasure to announce that we are officially a partnering school with Australian Science Olympiad-Chemistry and Physics (ASOC & ASOP)! Hosted by the Australian Science Innovation, the ASOC and ASOP are the toughest chemistry and physics exams in Australia.

It is a rewarding opportunity for high school students to challenge and extend themselves beyond school science through challenging exams. On October 22nd and 23rd, we had our first student competed in the ASOC and ASOP, congratulations on finishing them!

We have been working hard on bringing more competitions to our Hanova community, and now we have the chance. The ASOC and ASOP, will be an
annual event at our school. We whole heartedly hope to encourage and see more of our students engaging in international competitions in the future. If you are interested in getting more information, please feel free to contact Ms. Mindy Li at

Former Head of School

Mr James McCrory

Former Head of School

Mr James McCrory was Hanova’s Head of School for the 2022-23 school year. James graduated from Demontfort University in 1988 and worked in the commercial Design sector in Ireland, UK and Spain. He has worked in education since 1994 after completing his PGCE at Goldsmith’s College, London. The last 30 years in education includes 4 years in the UK, with the remaining years working divided between Spain, Japan and Kuwait, as well as leading schools in China over the last decade.

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