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Y13 Visual Arts Exhibition

Dear Parents and friends

Y13 Visual Arts Exhibition - written by Ms Lily Li, DP Visual Arts Teacher.

Last Friday, the Y13 Visual Arts students of Hanova International School held an Exhibition Opening Ceremony on the first floor of the Secondary building, which the students showcase their talent, skills and hard work over the past two years. Most of their works created over a very uncertain time during the Covid-19.

Jiafu Li’s artworks includes acrylic paintings, sculpture, and digital drawing. Her exhibition is about the relationship between human beings and the social environment / natural environment. The exhibition of her works interprets the past, present and future trends from left to right.

Hyeonji Yoon’s artworks includes acrylic paintings, sculpture, and embroidery. The inspiration of her artworks from nature, she wants to convey the message that the urgency and importance of preserving our nature from her artworks. She displayed artworks by stages to ‘destruction’ – ‘restoration’ – ‘the beauty of nature’ from left to right.

Y1 “How the world works” Exhibition - written by Ms Emma Tidmarsh, Year 1 Teacher.

On Thursday, the 16th of March, Y1 parents and Y3 buddies were invited to the Y1 How the world works Exhibition! The 11 groups researched a material(s) of their choice, decided on what they would like to create, and researched and presented their learning during the Exhibition.

Ella, Sophia An, Sophia S, Bella and Seabom were interested in doing a Science experiment. As their inquiry continued and mistakes occurred, new learning and interests were developed, and the group learned about colour mixing and recycling old crayons for an improved material.

Timothy, George and Yifan chose to research metal, plastic and wood, creating a rocket on a wooden stand. In addition, the children learned how to make glue using flour and hot water.

Patrick and Clara made jewellery using plastic beads. This group persevered and faced many challenges with design and the best way to fuse the beads; they tried using a hot iron and oven with and without the oven fan.

Susie and Joanna were interested in learning about wood and set about planning to build a house. We read the book The Three Little Pigs, and the group designed a home similar to the house made of sticks using wooden pop sticks, and the final building was made with big wooden blocks.

Kai and Harry researched edible materials and researched cake designs. Then, they wanted to learn to bake a chocolate cake with bright yellow icing. The visitors to the Exhibition enjoyed a slice of the cake!

Jun and Tay researched metal and games that use cans. The boys used mathematic skills to measure their area of use and creates a scoring sheet while exploring metal.

A tune was designed by Tom and Isabella when they realised using different materials to hit glass made different sounds. They learned that glass could be very dangerous as it is sharp. Glass can be strong and fragile, and they researched and explained the process of making glass sheets and glass blowing.

Henry and Gunn knew what they wanted to create: a rubber band car! They used paper, metal, rubber and plastic. They researched and followed the steps required. They made a practice car first, and they made one each. The boys learned many necessary skills during their inquiry being careful and safe, teamwork, and the measurements to be exact when following a plan.

Austin and Ian researched plastic and wanted to make a water fountain. The boys studied many designs and used recycled plastic to create a working fountain.

Our little engineers Tobgyel and Jared researched metal and wanted to build a moving car! Lots of conversations about safety and help from Mr Li made this possible for the group! Seatbelts were fitted as the car could tip if not balanced.

I am incredibly proud of the new vocabulary used and the honesty when a question was posed to them that was too difficult to answer. Students used critical thinking skills to evaluate issues and ideas, form decisions and the enthusiasm of each to learn. Scan the QR code to watch the video of the Exhibition.

Superb Sporting Performances from Hanova Hawks! - written by Mr Paul Robinson, Director of Sports. Saturday March 18th Hanova Hawks were visited by 2 PYP boys basketball teams from Kangchiao International School and 1 PYP girls basketball team, 1 “open age” girls football team and a MS boys football team from XLIS. The players from all teams and all schools contributed to a fantastic morning of inter-school sport.

PYP Basketball. The boys were scheduled for 2 games against Kangchiao International School on Saturday. In their first game, the boys performed admirably and in the words of Mr.Sam “never gave up” eventually going down by 21 points to 13. The boys took the positivity from their performance into their 2nd game and were successful in defeating Kangchiao’s “B” team by 17-10 therefore recording their first victory of the basketball season. Hopefully the boys can carry this positive momentum into their next game against Dehong.

Our girls continue to reach new heights in terms of their performance and results, scoring a very convincing victory over XLIS by 24-8. It seems there is no stopping the girls as they continue to perform excellently as a team. We are extremely excited by the way the girls are developing, performing and excelling and things look very promising ahead of defending their Junior Chang’An Cup Trophy on May 6th.

U14 Football. For the first time at Hanova we fielded a purely Middle School football team against a visiting team from XLIS. In what was an exceptional display from our boys team, hat-tricks (3 goals ) from both Abraham Smith, Edán Hernandez-Day, a brace (2 goals) from Jun Jung and a strike from David Kang saw the Hawks run out as 9-0 victors. It will be interesting to see how the boys team perform in their upcoming friendly games against Dehong and XIS as they prepare for the first ever U14 Chan Ba Trophy competition.

Girls Football. It was yet another great day for our girls team, who played some very good football against our visitors from XLIS. Our female Hawks raced into a 1-0 lead at half-time thanks to Alice Zhang, only to be pegged back by an XLIS equalizer. The girls showed great resilience and continued showing a willingness to drive forward and further goals were scored by Alice Zhang and Emily Wang which led to a 3-1 victory. The girls can now look forward to the inaugural secondary girls Chan Ba Trophy tournament in May.

U19 Football. After school on Tuesday 21st March we had a visit from XIS. Right from the first whistle it was clear to see that the Hawks team were fired up and after an outstanding first-half performance they went in to the interval leading by 3 goals to nil, thanks to Elijah Smith, Edán Hernandez-Day and Aster Cho, all assisted by Akemi Saiful. In the 2nd half XIS pulled one back, but this did not stop the Hanova team who continued to probe and scored a deserved 4th goal through David Kang. It was an excellent team performance that can give the team confidence ahead of their next game against Maple Leaf.

Coming in the next week...

  • Saturday 25th March: PYP Boys Basketball @ Dehong International School / MS Boys Football @ Dehong International School
  • Tuesday 28th March: MS Boys Football vs XIS @ Hanova

Forest Update - written by Mr Andrew Symonds, Year 4 Teacher. Some of the trees are starting to sprout leaves in the Year 4 forest as the sun has come out. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of invertebrates in the area and birds come to visit, but have not yet started to live in our forest. We decided to put up some bird houses, a feeder and a bird bath so that birds have all they need to make our forest their home. We're looking forward to building a few wildflower patches and a pond in the coming weeks so that we get more interest from wildlife.

Congratulations on Our Student’s Achievement in International Science Competition - written by Ms Mindy Li, IB Administrator. We are very honored to announce that our Year 12 student, Younghyun Joo, has achieved an outstanding result in British Physics Olympiad Senior Physics Challenge. We would like to congratulate our student for his success.

One of the best ways to make your resume stand out is to participate in and/or win competitions. Competitions for students can also bring all sorts of other benefits, including scholarships, trophies, recognitions. For this reason, it's important to consider entering a few student competitions as you go through the school.

There are all sorts of competitions for our students out there to explore. We have contests in Physics, Chemistry, Sciences, and more. Here lists our options, there's sure to be a competition out there that matches your skills and interests.

Australian Science Olympiad Chemistry/Physics (ASOC/ASOP)

  • Time: Mid to late October
  • Qualifications: Grade 10-12 or equivalent

International Science Bee

  • Time: Qualifier round: Mid December
  • Qualifications: Grade 8-12 or equivalent

American Computer Science League (ACSL)

  • Qualifications: Grade 10-12 or equivalent, 3 students per team

UK Chemistry Olympiad (UKChO)

  • Time: Late January
  • Qualifications: Grade 10-12 or equivalent

Intermediate and Senior Physics Challenge Online (IPC&SPC Online)

  • Time: Early February
  • Qualifications:

IPC online: recommended for Grade 9-10 or equivalent

SPC online: recommended for Grade 11 or equivalent

If you have any interest in attending one or some of them, or if you have further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Ms. Mindy Li or Ms. Shirley Qi at and

Former Head of School

Mr James McCrory

Former Head of School

Mr James McCrory was Hanova's Head of School for the 2022-23 school year. James graduated from Demontfort University in 1988 and worked in the commercial Design sector in Ireland, UK and Spain. He has worked in education since 1994 after completing his PGCE at Goldsmith’s College, London. The last 30 years in education includes 4 years in the UK, with the remaining years working divided between Spain, Japan and Kuwait, as well as leading schools in China over the last decade.

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