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Inaugural “A Christmas Carol” performance

Our inaugural performance at Hanova took place on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  You could feel the excitement in the air before “opening night”.  The students put on a tremendous performance that was a fitting climax to the preparations that started six weeks ago.  As in so much of what we do this was very much a community effort.  Every student in school was involved in some way whether it was on stage or behind the stage from the lead actors, the singers and dancers, the narrators, the musicians, the choir, the stage crew, the costume makers, the set designers and makers.  There were so many highlights to the show that it would be unfair to pick any particular scene, moment or performance out.  Thanks are due not only to all the staff who have put so much time and energy into this, but also to so many parents who helped in large or small ways as well as to the wonderful students of Hanova, and, of course, the audiences who came along to enjoy the shows.  Four parents were presented with a small gift and cards, made and signed by the students at the final performance as a small thank you.

The message of enjoying time with your family and using your skills or money wisely to help others and spread happiness was perfect for this Christmas season. 

It even continued after the show when the pre and after show buffet, prepared by Mr Gillick our chef, the kitchen and the office staff, was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

It was also good to have Mr Tony Day along from the Yellow River Soup Kitchen, our chosen charity for this year, to receive the proceeds from Movember.  Robin Brunzel, the School Council President, presented this to Mr Day who thanked everyone for their generosity.  To this has been added the audience donations from these two performances making a grand total of ¥5,923. 

This message of doing something, however small, to help those in need in the local or wider community is something we hope will stay with the students on into the future as they make their way into the wider world.

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