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MYP & PYP students collaborate in Visual Arts

MYP & PYP students are working together on a big Visual Arts project aiming for an exhibition! MYP students (Years 7-9) began the project by running PYP classes (Years 1-4) and helping the little ones use their imagination, be spontaneous and use their pure vision around the fictitious characters of their choice: cartoons, films, movies or just a character of their choice.

The Visual Arts collaboration project is student centered and student taught and the students are all enjoying each other’s company so much. The final outcome of the project will be an exhibition of Soft Sculptures. Students will learn and practice skills such as drawings in bigger perspective, painting on canvas fabric, cutting and sewing, time management, collaboration and perseverance to build this large project!

We have now finished the stage in collaboration with the PYP drawings. MYP students are now making the drawings into a bigger form and starting the next stage!

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