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Hanova teachers host first Board Game Day

Highlights of the week. A few details on the interesting first Board Game Day hosted in school, on the increasing activities related to sports and charity, on the upcoming university visits and on the fist student leadership workshop.

First Board Game Day. On Saturday 17th October, Hanova teachers hosted the first Board Game Day. There were 15 students present, who enjoyed playing games and painting miniatures. Next month another Game Day will be organized, so keep an eye on the newsletter for the next date and contact Mr. Bonke ( ).

Student Leadership Workshop. On Friday 23th and Saturday 24th, Hanova teachers have organized the first Student Leadership Workshop, with several learning and experiential events for the 15 Secondary and Primary student leaders. The activities included dinner and sleepover, to foster collaboration and team building among participants. A special thank to all the teachers who contributed, in particular to Mrs. Trull, Mrs. Masetti, Mr. Lynn, Mr. Manning and Mr. Gallerno who have assured the supervision from Friday night up to Saturday morning.

University Visits This Week:

Two more universities will visit Hanova this upcoming week, to continue sharing with students and parents how to successfully apply to international universities. This week Hanova will host four more universities:

12:00 Monday, 26th October:              Elon University

                                                                   Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

                                                                   Gustavus Adolphus College

14:00 Friday, 30th October:                 Hope College

Again, parents are strongly recommended to come! If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact our University and Careers Counselor Ms. Zhu ( ).

New Swimming Programme. As part of our Physical Education the Year 10s and 11s will be involved in a compulsory swimming programme, an integral part of the MYP physical education curriculum, on the following days:

Friday October 30th

Friday November 27th

Friday December 4th

Friday January 15th

Friday February 19th

Friday March 11th

This first MYP swimming program will also be a first step to continue the expansion of our sports activities, proposing in the future a broader aquatic curriculum for the whole school. Parents can contact Mr. Lynn ( ) to obtain more information.

Increased Charity Activities. More and more charity projects are being launched by Hanova students, from fundraising through cookies to collections for a Yangshuo elementary school. Please continue to support and our students in their increasing effort to become responsible global citizens.

Information Sessions. A reminder of the upcoming PYP Parent Conference, scheduled for 19th and 20th November, and of the next MYP Information Session on 4th November.

Halloween. October 31st the school students will celebrate Halloween. PYP students will have the possibility to parade their costumes during Registration and Assembly. Senior students can dress up if they want, and will have to donate at least a 5 RMB contribution to charity. Except for candies and some fun at lunch, the school will anyway ensure the normal academic activities during the day.

Thanks again for your continuing support.


Francesco Masetti-Placci

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