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Primary Chinese New Year Assembly 2019

On Friday, 1st February, Hanova’s Primary School classes performed a variety of songs, dances and poems that showcased their wonderful talents and impressive Chinese language ability.

The proceedings were introduced by Year 6 students in English, Chinese and Korean. Set against a beautiful backdrop designed and built by the Arts team in Primary, each PYP class sang or performed dances – in Chinese – that showed a wide range of cultural diversity from across the country.

Nursey and Reception students dressed in red and brought along their lucky fish lanterns. Year 1 dressed in traditional clothes and performed a lyrical poem that celebrates the first day of the new lunar month. The Year 2 Mandarin Acquisition class and the Year 2 Chinese ‘Mother Tongue’ students each sang a holiday song. Dressed in splendid period costumes, the Year 3 students performed a kung-fu dance. Years 3 and 4 collaborated together in performing a song and a fashion “Qipao” show, and Year 5 also added to the fun with their song about Hanova. Ending the spectacular performances came the PYP Year 6 students- pictured below – rendered a more modern song and dance routine called ‘Manual of Youth’.

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