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PYP Exhibition 2019

‘What is this?’ I hear you say. No, it’s not an alien invasion. It’s our new school!

Over the next few months, we will be sharing our progress on the new Chanba Campus on the school web-site and via WeChat.

Working day and night, the construction crews seem on track of the schedule to have the whole buildings built by March 2020. After this, the interior fittings will be installed and it is hoped that teachers and students can start ‘piloting’ the facilities before the end of the academic year 2019-2020.

Almost completed the first floor!

It’s an exciting time – and it is already generating some great teaching and learning. Starting next academic year, students in MYP Design will be working on scale model building projects using the architectural plans of the various rooms, labs, auditorium and other facilities.

Chunshan Foundation and Hanova Library. You will recall that, during the Christmas Market and Winter Concert in December, Hanova donated over 30,000 RMB to the Chunshan Foundation. Following below are photographs of the library facilities that have been installed in a local school.

Shaanxi Chunshan Education Foundation Secretary General Ms. He Xiani, project leader Ms. Liu Ying, and another colleague, went to the local school all the way without fear of dust, with a passion for books to bring pictures of the Hanova International School contributions to Zongmu Central School in Baishui County.

The volunteers of Chunshan Education Foundation came to the Year 2’s classroom of Zongmu Primary School and pasted the books corner stickers and posters bearing love on the wall for the children.

The children stood on tiptoe, looked at the book corner and smiled.

Colourful childhood, book corner full of magic…

According to the guidance of the volunteers of Chunshan Foundation, the book corner of each class of Zongmu Primary School was surrounded by colourful books. Like a colourful castle, shining in the corner of the classroom, book cases waited for the arrival of children, who are book worms.

Volunteers walked into each class to check on the students’ daily reading. Marvel at how these children see books as natural as breathing.

Ming dynasty has a poem: “book affectionate like old, morning and evening sorrow joy every blind date. The front straight down three thousand words, chest times all have no point dust.”

Wei Jianbo, Principal of Zongmu Central School, expressed his sincere gratitude to ChunShan Education Foundation and Hanova International School for the contribution to the rural book corner project. We sincerely hope that the students in our primary school will grasp good books in the world, and create a poetic life with their hearts!

And, again, Hanova expresses its gratitude to all our students, parents and our partners in the Xian business community who have generously supported our charity events so far this year.

News from Primary School.

PYP Exhibition 2019. On the 9th and 10th of May the Year 6 PYP students presented their PYP Exhibition. The transdisciplinary theme was “How we Express Ourselves” and, boy, did the Year 6 students do that! At the opening ceremonies the students sung and played the beautiful and inspiring song “Making a Better World” followed by a heart-warming and thought-provoking cover version of “Imagine” by John Lennon. The teams then went on to present their inquiries to a wonderful turn-out of parents, students and our special Year 5 visitors from XLIS.

The presentations included: Gender Equality, Religious Discrimination, Poverty, Electronic Addiction, Global Warming, Deforestation and Clean and Affordable Drinking water.

The Year 6 students identified these global issues with the help of the United Nations “Global Goals” which can be found at:

The Year 6 teachers and students would like to thank all, parents, mentors and our wider Hanova community for everyone’s support during this exciting and rewarding learning journey.

Year 3 Elim Special Needs Rehab Center Initiative. It seems that our students learn to be caring and compassionate from an early age. The students in PYP Year 3 decided to organize a charity event to support the children at the Elim Orphanage.

So this week, in return for being able to wear casual clothes to school, the students brought in items such as toilet paper, washing powder and detergent that they could donate to Elim. The idea quickly spread to the whole school and, as we can see, it was a wonderful testimony to our students being IB ‘Carers’.

News from Secondary School.

International Schools Football Challenge. On Tuesday afternoon our team headed off to the XIS campus to play our second game against them in this tournament. Kai Trull scored our first goal within minutes of the kick off and by half time we were well in the lead – 6:1! The opposition came back strongly in the second half and in a thrilling finale, the final score was 10:7 to Hanova.

Our team played fantastically and it was great to see all our players having a chance on the field.

That being said, such a great victory was not without cost; the Hanova team will go into the next round of the competition this Saturday with two players out with injuries.

Once again, our thanks to the parents who have been supporting and coaching our future Beckhams!

MYP Years 8 and 9 Graphic Novels. Year 8/9 English Language Acquisition (phases 3/4) recently finished a unit about graphic novels. During this unit, we read and discussed 7 volumes of “The Amulet”, a graphic novel series by Kazu Kibuishi. As our final assessment, students were asked to exercise their creativity by writing a short story about what they believe will happen next. They also selected a small part of their story to change into a one-page graphic novel format.

As you can see, these students made an excellent effort while planning and producing their own graphic novel page. Some of these students enjoyed this unit so much that they have said that they wish to produce their own full graphic story in their own time. Mr. G has told them that if they do decide to work on this in their free time, he will reward them with a 3D print of their choice.

Thanks again for your continuing support.


Robert C. Muntzer


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Thursday, 23rd May               Year 13 IB Diploma exams end

Friday, 24th May                     Year 13 Diploma Graduation Ceremony

27th– 31st May                        Year 11 Pre-DP Exams

27th– 31st May                        MYP IDU Week

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