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Year 5 Foping EOTC 2019

On 22-24th May, Hanova’s Year 5 students traveled south of the city to the Foping National Wildlife Reserve. During the 3 day trip, the students thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) in an outdoor environment.

Each day was filled with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to encourage the students to explore new avenues of learning – including rock painting, a museum scavenger hunt, hiking on mountain trails and climbing to a scenic city overlook, outdoor basketball and badminton, snail and fish hunting in the mud, a delicious BBQ dinner and much more!

We are proud of our students for taking risks and working together during the trip!

Travel to Foping Reserve, Arrival at hotel, Museum scavenger hunt, Mountain hike

Rock Painting

Snail and fish hunt in the terraced rice paddies

Thursday breakfast & hotel photos

Creating planters

Calligraphy, local gardens and museum