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Christmas Market 2019

Special Issue: Christmas Market and Winter Concert

  • Christmas Market
  • Winter Concert
  • Chinese New Year at Hanova – Friday, 17th January

Principal’s Note:

All photos are courtesy of Mr. Goden Zhou, Mr. Jonathan Rice and Year 11 student, Katherine Chung.

All cited charitable donations are given with the written permission of the donors.

Christmas Market 2019. On Saturday, 7th December, Hanova celebrated its eighth Christmas Market and Winter Concert. In addition to our hotel partners, this year saw an increased number of internal and external vendors, and a lot more market stalls being organized by students from across the whole school.

What made the Christmas Market special this year was that it was a truly community event. There were more students and parents involved in fund-raising activities such as food stalls, handicrafts and gifts, shops etc. Pacific Coffee donated all their profits to charity; many thanks to mum Daisy who contributed 1220 RMB.

Featured above are the various home-made products of parent Mrs. Ferah Kayacik; authentic German bread, Black Forest gateaux and some delicious spreads made with feta cheese. Below is the stall ‘Sugar Art’ that fascinated parents and children with his spectacular sugar creations.

A huge thanks to the parents and members of the HPTA Committee who donated directly to our charity; Mrs. Jenny Lee and other parents who set up and sold fun Christmas gifts such as bags, watches and headbands. Thank you for your donation of profits totaling 500 RMB.

In the Kitchen, mums Corina, Pauline, Heidi and Olga and a family friend, Stephani, did a roaring trade in Western cuisine; home-made soups, cakes, breads, yoghurts and, of course, the seasonal mulled wine. Thanks to their generosity; they donated all their profits!

Pictured above, patisserie company ‘D Cube’ provided a delicious range of cakes and cookies.

The school would also like to acknowledge the Korean restaurant ‘Ya’an Jia’ whose sales of tasty Korean deep-fried chicken enabled them to donate 500 RMB to our school charity.

‘Noi’s Thai Kitchen’ was also there – but strangely enough was not selling Thai food but her home-made sweet and savoury British pies! In any case, thanks to Noi for her contribution of 200 RMB for charity.

And, of course, Hanova Christmas Market wouldn’t be possible without the support of our partner hotels this year; the Hilton Hotel, the Marriott Hotel and Crowne Plaza Hotel. By providing free food and coupons to the school, they enabled us to raise a lot for our charity through lunch ticket sales.

Our IB Diploma students also got involved. Featured here, Sophia, Astyna and Gaon prepared and served cartons of Korean noodles. Judging by the number of empty cartons left around outside the Library, the girls’ efforts were very successful!

MYP Market Stalls. This year we had an unprecedented number of market stalls organized and run by our MYP students. As some of our parents may know, MYP Service Action (SA) – the equivalent of Diploma CAS – is a requirement from IB. MYP students are required to provide some form of service to their community. This year we had six market stalls organized by MYP students from Year 7 to 11; Angela, Jessica and Karen, Judy, Lily, Mina and Jennifer, Esther, Kelly and Lia, Lais, Qaira, Bella, Adele and Coco, Drake and Phoebe.

Their combined efforts led to a donation total of just under 2000 RMB. Below are some examples of what they did and how this MYP SA was reflected on Managebac.

Angela Li and all the Year 10 students managed to raise a profit of 350 RMB from their market stall. Thank you for your contribution to the charity.

By selling ‘snow globes’, Lia and Kelly raised a profit of 145 RMB, which they donated to the charity. Thank you, girls.

Year 11 students, Katherine and Esther, managed to raise a whopping profit of 530 RMB, which they too donated to the charity. Thank you both.

“In this service action, we took the initiative as a group. We have decided what to buy and what to sell, which helped us to complete this activity. Also, during this activity, we were all up to ourselves and we can solve the problems proactively.

This activity has let me learn a lot of new skills. For example, I need to consider about the price that is suitable for the goods that I was selling, how to attract more customer to buy stuff from us, etc. In fact, the activity didn’t go as well as I thought it would be. At first, I thought there would be a lot of little children coming to buy stuff, that is why I chose to sell candy. Actually, most of the children were playing with other activities. So that makes us changed the plan, we lowered the price then adults will think it’s cost-effective. Also, we made a little game with caps to attract teenagers. I think I have achieved this outcome by practicing them while I was selling the goods. Overall, I think even though this activity was a little bit of a challenge for us, but we have completed it and learned lots of new skills.”

(Angela, Year 10)

“Looking back on performance after the booth operation ended, the costs earned were really small, except for the cost of renting a table. Nevertheless, it was surprising to see that the profits from paper, pen, paint and brush alone amounted to 84 yuan. I was proud to think that the booth, which was set up jointly with eighth-grade students, ended well after many ups and downs. I think it was a chance to test my ability to cope with the situation or my integrity.”

(Judy, Year 11)

PYP Year 6 Market Stalls. A significant development this year was the introduction of market stalls being organized and run by our PYP students. Mr. B’s Year 6 class has been working on the Unit of Inquiry (IOU), which is all about business practices. So what better project than to set up their own businesses?!

Below are some of their reflections and some examples of their contributions. Thank you to those PYP students whose stalls raised and contributed profits for the school charity.

Year 6 students Jason L, Evan and Seth (Tze not pictured) are discussing bartering tactics for their ‘The Christmas Shop’ stall. In the background, you can just see the collaborative stall run by PYP and MYP students, Phoebe, Drake, Elena and Caleb.

“Saturday was a great day, because it was market day! Me and Anni had worked hard on preparing for this day.

First, me and Anni decided to sell candy canes and Christmas pens. So I bought 6 boxes of candy canes and 60 Christmas pens on ‘Tao bao’. We will just split the money that I bought the things for (also the 100 RMB to have a stall).

We also made posters to advertise around the school, then we made posters to go with our stall, such like little tags, posters that said, “we are donating the money we make to the charity” also in Chinese and Korean. We also gave our stall a name; ‘The Best Shop’. And that day came……

Me and Anni decided that I will advertise, and Anni will keep records of the money and the customers.
The market opens at 10am, but our teacher told us to come at 8am to

prepare, me and Anni almost arrived at the same time. So we started preparing. Our spot was a great spot, everybody that come to the market, will see our shop!

We stuck the big poster that says: ‘Come to our shop!’ Behind us, then, we prepared our table: candy canes, Christmas pens, little tags, bar code…… And of course, make our shop pretty!

When we finished preparing, customers started to come, when they come,I hold our ‘welcome poster up and said: “will you like to buy something?” Some people didn’t stop, but some people stayed and had a look at our shop, and I will say: “we are donating the money we make to the charity!” That worked out well very well, most of the people bought something.

Candy canes were sold out
very fast, but when the candy canes were sold out, we still have many Christmas pens left! So me and Anni stuck out the ‘Buy 2, get one free’ poster up. But luckily, we didn’t have any competitors.

When I put the ‘Buy 2, get 1 free’ poster up, it started selling very fast. And finally, we sold everything!

I learnt that service is very important, and you’ve got to keep records! I learnt that in the ‘lemonade war’. You have to be smart to run a business.

It’s nice to work with Anni; we didn’t have any arguments!

I think you should also do a market day, because when you think of it, it will always be a good memory……”

(Emily, Year 6)

Year 6 students Kevin, Jason H and Roy set up their stall ‘Market Bay’ that sold instant Korean noodles and other goodies.

“on Saturday we sold Korean food. At 10:00am we were ready to sell food. Lots of people came to our shop because we had a good selling place. I checked food bought by people. Suddenly, people don’t show up. So my mom called the people. Then a lot of people come and bought some food and drinks. The food was almost sold out, but there was food left. Jason H’s mom called the people, but people didn’t buy and we do sale. But the people next to me sold so well that our ramen didn’t sell well. People bought all our food; we made 336¥ profit. In this market I like it when all the food is sold out. We went to another market to see it. I looked around; most girls sold slime and most boys sold food. In this market day I learned most people buy food (and Banana milk). In ‘Lemonade War’ I learned smart people make more money. Next time I will not waste time on market day and I want to be with a new person and bring some other food. I learned from the other teams is that we ask people to come to our mart.

(Kevin, Year 6)

Another group of Year 6 students – Stella, Laura and Julie – set up their shop ‘The Perfect Shopping Time’. Their stall sold home-made Christmas cards, ‘slime’, notebooks and stickers.

“Saturday was Christmas Market, it was very good and fun. We also worked hard on it. Emily and I are in a group, we sell Christmas pens, strawberry candy canes and

rainbow candy canes. We sold all the things that we have so there’s nothing left. I’m the person who count the money and people who buy things and people who didn’t buy things and Emily was the advertising.

I learned that the rainbow candy canes was more good than the strawberry candy canes, the rainbow candy canes was finished first and the strawberry candy canes was second, but the Christmas pens didn’t sold very well so Emily took the “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” out and then the pens were sold very quick.

We made 246.8 profit and we donated the profit that we make to a charity. We were going to make our shop better next time by advertise more.

When we finished selling we did our Winter Concert, we were proud and excited about the concert because we had practiced very hard on it.”

(Anni, Year 6)

Craft Stalls. This year we had seven different craft activities organized; Glitter Slime, Christmas Plates, Christmas Wreathes, Finger Print Cards, Gyroscopes, Stained Glass and Wind-chimes. Pictured above are PYP students, Dong Dong, Ruby and Jessica who are busy making ‘glitter slime’. Pictured below are students Olivia and Daeun being helped by a mum in making their crafts.

Tickets for each activity cost 5 RMB and all the activities raised a lot for charity. Thank you to all the parents and students for their support and to all the Hanova teaching staff who made this possible.

And, this year, we even had a ‘bouncing castle’!

A young visitor from Iran wants to be an astronaut!

PYP/MYP Winter Concert 2019. The stage decoration for this year’s Winter Concert was mostly student-driven. The Year 1 to Year 6 students spent time in their art classes discussing what they were going to produce and then created components for the design. Once we had all the components, I put them all together in a cohesive manner to create our Winter Concert backdrop. When I look at the final design, I think its message is that even though Christmas has been so commercialized, it is still a fun-filled exciting and happy festival filled with goodwill for all of our fellow planet dwellers.

I would like to wish all of the Hanova family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

(Mr D)

Nursery and Reception, Harry, Polina, Kayla and Matthew about to start singing ‘Snow Flake’, ‘Jingle Bell Parade’ and ‘Christmas makes me Sing’.

The Year 3 performing ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ with the novel approach of using ‘Boom-Whackers’ – hollow tubes of different lengths that resonate differently when struck.

Theo, Qeisha and Elli in Year 1 introduce their song ‘Snow Pants’. They also sang ‘Mittens and Gloves’ and ‘A Million Little Snow Flakes’ – and another one unrelated to clothing!

Year 4 performed an arrangement of ‘Patapan’ – a Burgundian (French) song first performed more than 200 years ago. They played Djembe and Bongo drums, Glockenspiels, and song accompanied by lots of woolly hats.

Melissa in Year 2 introduces their songs, ‘Three Little Penguins’ and ‘Twinkle Wink’ along with their accompanying dances. Below we can see them in action waving their ‘twinklers’ aloft.

All of Year 3 and Year 4 sang ‘Hark Hear the Bells’ and ‘Chestnut’ that came across as a nice full sound!

Year 8 MYP students Tony, Ariel and Eva perform the Chinese song ‘Dayu’ with a range of unique instruments; Chinese flute, Guzheng and electric piano.

The ‘MYP Band’ performed the song ‘If I Can’t Have You’. From left to right: Daniel Kang plays electric guitar, Lily on the drums, singer Jessica, on keyboards Eva, singer Bella and Daniel Kim is on electric bass guitar.

We’d like to thank Dylan Trull for his coordination of the stage set, Andrea Cardenas for the lighting and sound effects, and to Krystal Jiang for her coordination of the MYP performances.

Chinese New Year at Hanova – Friday, 17th January. Chinese New Year is coming soon. The Chinese Department is organising activities in our community to celebrate The Year of Rat on Friday, January 17th. After coming back from the Christmas holiday, the campus will be decorated with the festive red lanterns, Spring Festival door banners and paper-cut for window decoration made by our students.

Students are also encouraged to create works of art representing traditional Chinese culture to us before January 8th; all the art pieces will be displayed inside school before the CNY Holiday. Staff and parents are welcome to join as well and show your art works as well! (Janice Cao – Committee Chair)

And on that happy note, on behalf of the whole school staff, I’d like to wish all our students, parents, business partners and friends in the community a very happy, healthy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2020!

Thank you again for your continuing support.


Robert C. Muntzer

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