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PYP Winter Concert 2019

The stage decoration for this year’s Winter Concert was mostly student-driven. The Year 1 to Year 6 students spent time in their art classes discussing what they were going to produce and then created components for the design. Once we had all the components, I put them all together in a cohesive manner to create our Winter Concert backdrop. When I look at the final design, I think its message is that even though Christmas has been so commercialized, it is still a fun-filled exciting and happy festival filled with goodwill for all of our fellow planet dwellers.

I would like to wish all of the Hanova family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

(Mr D)

Nursery and Reception, Harry, Polina, Kayla and Matthew about to start singing ‘Snow Flake’, ‘Jingle Bell Parade’ and ‘Christmas makes me Sing’.

The Year 3 performing ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ with the novel approach of using ‘Boom-Whackers’ – hollow tubes of different lengths that resonate differently when struck.

Theo, Qeisha and Elli in Year 1 introduce their song ‘Snow Pants’. They also sang ‘Mittens and Gloves’ and ‘A Million Little Snow Flakes’ – and another one unrelated to clothing!

Year 4 performed an arrangement of ‘Patapan’ – a Burgundian (French) song first performed more than 200 years ago. They played Djembe and Bongo drums, Glockenspiels, and song accompanied by lots of woolly hats.

Melissa in Year 2 introduces their songs, ‘Three Little Penguins’ and ‘Twinkle Wink’ along with their accompanying dances. Below we can see them in action waving their ‘twinklers’ aloft.

All of Year 3 and Year 4 sang ‘Hark Hear the Bells’ and ‘Chestnut’ that came across as a nice full sound!

Year 8 MYP students Tony, Ariel and Eva perform the Chinese song ‘Dayu’ with a range of unique instruments; Chinese flute, Guzheng and electric piano.

The ‘MYP Band’ performed the song ‘If I Can’t Have You’. From left to right: Daniel Kang plays electric guitar, Lily on the drums, singer Jessica, on keyboards Eva, singer Bella and Daniel Kim is on electric bass guitar.

We’d like to thank Dylan Trull for his coordination of the stage set, Andrea Cardenas for the lighting and sound effects, and to Krystal Jiang for her coordination of the MYP performances.

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