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Primary House “Football Shooting” Competition

Bruce MacGregor, Year 5 Teacher

Vying for top position in the House ranking, teams brought to bear skill and strategy in a brave attempt to dominate the football shooting competition on Friday, March 12. Players had three choices. An easy direct shot on an open goal for a sure easy point, a tricky shot through two traffic cones for three points or a daring shot hitting a single distant traffic cone for ten points. Using Learner Profiles, competitors were Thinkers to evaluate their chances. Some competitors chose to play it safe, and get their team an easy point with a tap to the goal. Some competitors choose to be Balanced and take a small risk for a better reward. Other competitors chose to be Risk-Takers and go all in for the tempting ten-point power shot! Everyone had a chance to learn about themselves, their teammates and the opposition. It was a tight competition for third place with Song scoring twenty-two points. Tang squeezed ahead scoring twenty-seven points. Qin got thirty-six points for a solid grip on second. However, in a stunning upset, it was finally Han’s turn to win a House competition with a decisive forty-four points! Another highlight of the day was the complete domination of Nursery and Reception as they scored goal after goal for a perfect score in a high stakes penalty shot out! The House Competition continues to reveal the diverse strengths of each House and promises to deliver a climatic conclusion. ​

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