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Secondary House Football Tournament

Written by Richard Gallerno

On Friday, 9th April, MYP students participated in a House event that included a football tournament and some fun and challenging activities. Each House submitted a team for football and there were some good plays and great saves in each game. In the final match of the tournament, Song defeated Han to grab the win.

While the football teams played, other House members competed in 3 games which were planned, organised and led by Year 12 students. Games included challenges to test aim, skill and reflexes - along with a bit of luck. “Hammer & Shield” required one person to guard their head with a cooking pot before their opponent could hit them with a harmless toy hammer. “Tennis Ball Challenge” required players to bounce tennis balls off of the wall and then catch them in a bin placed on top of their head. “Blind Drawing” tested language skills as one person described a well-known character to a blindfolded teammate who had to draw according to their teammate's instructions and then try to guess which character they had drawn after their blindfold was removed. When all of the House points were added up, Han took the victory for the enjoyable day. Congratulations!

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