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Year 13 Graduation 2021

Written by Sharon Zhu & Jonathan Rice

The 2021 Commencement was held successfully on Friday, 28th May. There were two parts of this major celebration of the year, a graduation at Hanova campus in the afternoon, followed by a celebration gala dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel in the evening.

Joy and tears are always together. As their family members here at Hanova, we have witnessed our graduates’ academic and personal growth, and it is also our greatest honor to have accompanied them on this road. Like one of the graduates said at the graduation, “It is a tragedy that we have to say ‘goodbye’, but saying ‘goodbye’ is not a promise to never see each other again; saying ‘goodbye’ is for a better reunion next time. Now we are going to go our separate ways around the world, but as Tagore said: "No matter how long the shadow of the tree is pulled by dusk, it is always connected with the root!" Hanova is our root; it is the intersection of our lifelines; no matter how long, this memory will not be forgotten.”
The afternoon graduation ceremony began with cheers of joy as the Hanova’s Class of 2021 entered the auditorium! Isaac, Dido, Sky, Jennifer, Sophia, Isaiah & Swan walked up the middle aisle and took their seats on the stage as Ms. Sharon Zhu welcomed the crowd that had gathered to celebrate this important milestone with the graduates. The afternoon continued with a piano performance, the presentation of the diplomas, memorable speeches from each of the graduates and several addresses from Hanova’s faculty. As the ceremony ended, the graduates and their families stayed after to remember the occasion with photos and well-deserved wishes of congratulation.

The evening gala dinner at the Shangri-La was a wonderful way to continue the day’s celebration! The graduates, their families, Hanova’s Year 12 students and members of Hanova’s Board and staff all gathered to eat together and wish the Class of 2021 all the best as they begin the journey of the rest of their lives! The Year 12 students led the programme for the night – showing a slideshow of DP memories and introducing several speakers who challenged the graduates not only to reach for their dreams, but to use their own unique gifts and personalities to change the world!

Let’s congratulate the class of 2021 and wish them all a bright future!

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