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PYP House Activity

On Friday, 15th October, the PYP students came to school wearing their house t-shirts. The sea of red, blue, yellow and green around the building always creates an atmosphere of excitement. For our first activity, the students enjoyed a variety of relay races and games appropriate to their year level. They worked with others in their team to follow the directions, strive for accuracy and aim for speed – all to claim first place in house points.

The House system provides four teams that students are divided into for a variety of events and point opportunities throughout the year. As many of you know, our four Houses are from the ancient Chinese dynasties of: Han, Qin, Tang and Song. Each year the four teams participate in a year-long battle to be named the House Winner. Our House Captains from years 5 and 6 work to support their house teams and aim to lead them to victory. This is a leadership role that teaches them many values such as sportsmanship, encouragement of peers, and organizational skills during activity planning. House activity day is always a favorite amongst the staff and students!

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