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Secondary Assembly on ‘Preventing bullying in school”

Written by Amy Hou

On Friday, 19th November, Ms. Amy Hou (Head of Curriculum and Planning) hosted an assembly about preventing bullying in the Secondary school.

The assembly started with introducing 4 types of bullying, which were Physical Bullying, Verbal Bullying, Social bullying, and Cyber Bullying. Then students worked in their Houses to debate on the topic of “Who Can Prevent Bullying Most Effectively?” and each of the Houses were assigned a role or group of people who are important in this process. Qin House represented ‘Pastoral Coordinator’. Han House represented ‘Homeroom Teachers’. Tang House represented ‘Parents’. And Song House represented ‘Students’.

During the assembly, each of the Houses formulated and presented their arguments and had opportunities to defend them as well. The assembly was designed to help our students learn more about the responsibilities of each of these roles in preventing bullying in our school.

As a ‘Student-centred’ school, we care a great deal about the physical and emotional well-being of our students. And as a school, we are continuing to improve our well-developed ‘Child Protection Policy and Procedure’ and we host regular trainings on Child Protection in both Primary and Secondary. Through this assembly, we hope our students and staff were able to better understand respect for each other and how to prevent bullying.

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