On Friday, 1st April, our PYP students came dressed in their pajamas to school! No, they didn’t oversleep and forget their school uniforms. They came dressed and ready for Hanova’s first ever PYP “Mix-a-thon” – a House Competition event that was created, advertised, coordinated and hosted by some of Year 4A and 4B’s reading groups. […]

We hosted the Hanova MYP Sports Day 2021 on 30th April. Our students competed in 8 individual and group Track and Field events with great participation. Some of our athletes were extra special in their excellent performance in High-jump and Basketball ‘Push’. And some teachers were also excited to challenge in Relay Race with great […]

Written by Steve Ketley & Jonathan Rice On 22nd April, our Primary students participated in Hanova’s annual PYP Sports Day. The students were divided into their 4 House Teams – Tang, Song, Han & Qin – for an entire day of Sports and fitness activities including track races, a basketball shoot-out, obstacle course relays, beanbag […]

Written by Richard Gallerno On Friday, 9th April, MYP students participated in a House event that included a football tournament and some fun and challenging activities. Each House submitted a team for football and there were some good plays and great saves in each game. In the final match of the tournament, Song defeated Han […]

Bruce MacGregor, Year 5 Teacher Vying for top position in the House ranking, teams brought to bear skill and strategy in a brave attempt to dominate the football shooting competition on Friday, March 12. Players had three choices. An easy direct shot on an open goal for a sure easy point, a tricky shot through […]

In November 2020, Hanova’s Primary house competitions heated up with a “Tug-of-war” activity. All four of Hanova’s houses – Tang, Song, Qin and Han – participated against each other in an exciting and energetic battle for first place. Hanova’s houses promote healthy competition, but also a sense of well-being and teamwork inside and outside the […]