After the enjoyable Christmas market, our annual Hanova Winter Concert began with lots of excitement and entertaining performances of song, music and laughter. The first students on the stage to start was our favorite performers from Nursery and Reception. Our cutest kids performed the song called “Little Snowflake”. After that, our next act was the […]

On 11 December, Hanova hosted its Open Day and Winter Concert. Both events were well-attended and bear testimony to the dedication and enterprise of our school staff, and the enthusiasm of our students. The Open Day began with coffee (from our campus coffee shop) and snacks in the school entryway. At 14:00, we welcomed all […]

Written by Javier Rodriguez and Hanova’s MYP Drama students On the 26th of November, in the afternoon, Hanova’s Secondary students and staff celebrated its first Arts Assembly in the Academic year of 2021-22 – and the first to be performed at our new campus! The Assembly began with an official Opening Ceremony in the Auditorium […]

Written by Jennifer Lazareck Hanova’s Secondary Arts Assembly on Friday, 21st May was an afternoon filled with music, twins, sidekicks, silly dance choreography, and dramatic presentations as the students showcased their talents, skills and hard work over the past few months. All work has been created in either their Music or Performing Arts – Drama […]

Written by Jennifer Lazareck, MYP Performing Arts teacher MYP Performing Arts students were given a summative assessment task to engage them in creating a poster to promote their upcoming performances, and encourage their audience to attend. The poster needed to reflect the ideas, theme, or setting of the play or music genre. Plus, the information […]

The Year 13 Students’ DP Visual Arts exhibition opened on 23rd March at Hanova. Students, staff and parents took time to browse the exhibition and take in the creativity and uniqueness of the art! The school entryway and lobby area was filled with a variety of styles, media, and genres of artwork as the students […]